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Genderfluid Hair & Makeup Artist TOWPS YORO from Philippines

Genderfluid Towps YoroTowps Yoro is a professional Hair and Makeup artist from Manila, Philippines. Towps is 27 years old and identifies as Genderfluid who spends most of her time as a guy and as a girl when she feels feminine. Towps is also a Certified Beauty Instructor.  Her makeup & transformation skills are simply incredible as you can see from her fabulous photos.

Towps has been practicing Makeup for more than 9 years and loves sharing knowledge to those who are less privileged youths in his country. Towps has her own makeup studio, it’s Concealed by Towps Yoro.

She had some fillers and Botox to feminize her face and hence can easily pull of both guy and girl look. For her feminine transformation, she uses makeup and breast forms to create very realistic feminine appearance. Towps says she use makeup on the breast forms so it won’t look like silicone.

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Genderfluid Makeup Artist Towps Yoro

Genderfluid Towps Yoro

Genderfluid Towps Yoro

Towps Yoro

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