Crossdresser almost gets Kidnapped while Going Out in Public

British video game enthusiast and content creator, Finn is best known for  making humorous Minecraft videos and also dressing up as a girl in his videos in his YouTube channel “F1nn5terLIVE“. He also has a Twitch channel where he post videos & photos while cross-dressed as “Rose.”.

Finn as a girl

Its crazy how cute and stunning Finn actually looks as a girl. He has gained a lot of fans and subscribers from his crossdressing videos and many people have been shocked by how gorgeous he actually looks as a girl.

F1NN5TER crossdressing

He creates video content on topics like Becoming a girl for a week challenge, Egirl cooking show, Game reviews & Reaction videos.

In one video which Finn aka Rose has posted in his YouTube channel, he almost gets kidnapped by a Van while Crossdressing out in public. In the video, Finn goes out at night completely dressed as a girl from head to toe.

He does look so cute dressed in pink top, skater skirt and high heel boots which makes him look quite tall. Apart from his height, Rose just looks incredibly passable as a girl.

In this thrilling video, he shares the whole experience of what it was like for him to walk out in public dressed as a girl. He first shows what he is wearing and then steps out from the house. Midway in the video, a van starts to follow him and that spooks him out quite a bit. Watch what happened in the video below.





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