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From Loser To Hot Babe

From Loser to Hot Babe

Tom was a small petite guy. He was also an introvert. He didn’t have many friends in school. Many students used to tease and harass him for his girly figure. Tom secretly always desired to be a girl. He realized he was different from the other kids in school and no one would accept him, that’s why he didn’t talk much.

He was happy when he was alone. He lived with his mother and she was very supportive. Tom would frequently dress up at home when his mother was not there to remove his stress. He had a secret stash of feminine clothes which he had brought online.

Things starts to get even more bad at school during senior year. Tom is often bullied by his classmates. Tom then finally decides to tell his mom all about his school life and his desire to spend his life as a girl. His mother is very supportive. She agrees to Tom transitioning into a girl and accept him as her daughter from that point on. From that day, Tom changes his name to Tina and starts living like a girl. Her mom decides that she would take a few months off from school too to focus on her transition to a girl.

This immediately brings a lot of joy in Tina’s life. She starts going out more often, making new hobbies and doing the thing she likes.
She starts hormone replacement therapy and slowly starts noticing changes in her body. She starts to grow breast and her hips & butt also starts getting more curvy. Tina and her mother both become happy and they start spending more time together as well. They go out shopping and Tina learns a lot of things about makeup, apparels and her feminine personality also starts to bloom.

Tina starts getting more confident about herself. She now gets comfortable with how she looks & feel. After few months pass by, her mom decides to send her back to school. But this time, as her daughter Tina. So, she registers a new student profile in the same school that Tina used to study at.

The first day to school arrives and Tina is slightly nervous on how she would be treated. She imagines that other kids would treat her as bad as they used to. Tina arrives at school and she is surprised by people’s reaction.

From Loser to Hot Babe

People seemed to be a lot more friendly towards her now and didn’t seem to notice that she was actually Tom before. Most of the guy classmates even starts flirting with her. Even many girls approach her and compliments her looks & style. This makes Tina more confident about her new appearance. She grabs this opportunity to take full advantages over her classmates who used to bully him. Now, she would make them do the things she wanted to.

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  1. I love crossdressing wish I had the nerve to go out in public dressed as a female

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