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First Time in Public as Supergirl

First Time in Public as SupergirlWhen I got into my hotel room, I took off all my male clothes and packed them away. I put on a pair of panties, Fleece Supergirl PJ bottoms, and an oversized superman shirt. I ordered Dominos and unpacked after eating my pizza. I took a shower and  shaved everything from the neck down. I put lotion all over my body, then shaved my face and called it a night.

The next morning, I did my make up and got dressed. I put on Supergirl panties, peavey aka hooters pantyhose, my bra with filler, blonde hair wig, Supergirl costume and red boots. I transferred all my stuff from my wallet to my girl’s wallet and I was out the door.

Walking the hallway I was nervous when I saw there was some people checking in but I kept my head up and walked on. I did drive my car in those high heel boots but it took me a little bit to figure out but I made it to the event.

Walking to the event I was gaining more confidence with every step. A vendor hollered at me to say she liked my costumes and loved my boots. I talked to her for a little bit (more about her on day 2). I then checked the schedule to see when it was time to meet Superman. I had some time so I went into the Superman museum.

There were a few people in there and I asked one man to take my picture in the phone booth and he said ok. After taking the pic, his wife said to me that she liked my costume. On my way to meet I was asked if someone could take a picture with me I said of course ( If they ask I will always say yes). Some people with professional cameras wanted pictures of me also. I later found out they were with the local paper.

Superman was not at the statue yet, but there were some professional cosplayers there who were dressed as the Justice league. When I showed up I got requested to step with them as they insisted that they needed a Supergirl on our team.

After I took my picture I went to meet and get Jerry the King Lawler’s autograph. On my way there I took a few more pictures with people and one lady said cute boots!! While I was in line the Kings assistant started chatting me up she said I had cute boots on and she like my outfit. I said thanks she said she wished her hair had a natural curl like mine and I said its a wig.

She told me it looked good on me anyways. We flirted for a bit longer then my turn was up. Let me tell you the king was the nicest celebrity I have met. A down to earth guy. When I left I walked around the event I got a lot of cute boots comments and more requests for pictures. I would sit down whenever I could so my boots wouldn’t hurt my feet.

While I was sitting down, one guy asked for a pic and I asked sitting or standing and he said standing so he can get my lovely legs in the picture. So, I sat back down and hiked my skirt up a little bit higher just for him. I had one lady walk by and say “You are rocking that outfit honey!.”

There was going to be a ceremony where they brought out the 60ft patriot flag for fallen heroes. I was asked to help bring it out and help unfold it I jumped at the opportunity. The wienermobile was there, so I got my pic taken and made my way to the flag ceremony.

After the ceremony I started to get overheated and dehydrated. The lines for drinks was so long I couldn’t wait I slowly made it to a shady spot. A woman handing out bibles said honey you are looking dehydrated, a woman on a bench said OMG you are sweating worse than me.

I sat down and took off my wig. I said I’m overheated because of my wig and this suit does not breathe. The Bible lady asked me if I wanted her to get me some lemonade and a bite to eat, Bench lady stayed and talked to me till my food and drink came.

They both stayed with me until I felt better 2 Angels helped this crossdresser that day. After that I decided to call it a day on my way out some kids wanted their picture taken with me. One asked if I could fly I said yes but I don’t want to show off.

On one of my bench rest breaks a little boy walked by and said hi Supergirl, he put his hand on my knee and felt my breas-t. The dad turned around and saw it and he came to say sorry. I waved him off, I shrugged my shoulders and said kids while laughing the whole time.

On my way back to the hotel I started feeling better because I was in my car with the A/C on. I stopped by the local grocery store and got myself some snacks. On my way to the room, a guy passed by and said very nice.

In my room I changed out of my Supergirl costume. I kept on the panties and pantyhose on. I put on my sheer sleeved gothic top and my leather mini skirt. That was my outfit for the rest of the day.

Later on I ordered Dominos and answered the door in the outfit. Delivery guy’s mouth dropped open and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my legs. At the end of the day I put on my leggings and went to bed.

End of day 1.

  • Pictures taken of me –  26
  • Comments I got- Love the outfit, Cute/Love your boots, Nice Legs. Love your hair, Rock that outfit.
  • Got invited to do the flag ceremony.
  • Pictures taken for the paper

It was an amazing first time out. I recently seen a live stream of the event when I walked by I heard the streamer say “Wowww! look at her.”

Submitted by Brandy Knox

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