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First Time Dressing as a Girl from Head to Toe !

My First Experience of Dressing as a Woman I started crossdressing during my teenage years. It was hard finding the opportunity to dress up when I was living with my family. I started dressing up by wearing my younger sister’s clothes. The more I dressed in her outfits, the more I wanted to dress like a girl. My family is very religious, so I never had the courage to tell them.

After joining college, I moved out to a new apartment just recently. I was so excited to move out and have my own space to dress up. I didn’t have any girl clothes with me when I shifted to my new place. I was too scared to shop for girl’s clothes at stores, So I decided to order everything I need online. And I ordered so many items – black bodycon dress, high heels, wig, stockings, bra and panties and some makeup items. I was so excited for the stuff to arrive.

After two days, I received all of my orders. That evening I decided I was going to dress up completely from head to toe and enjoy being a girl in the new apartment. I could even go out in the balcony, spend some time in the open when it will be dark enough so that no one could see me properly.

So, around 5 o clock , I started with my complete transformation into a girl. First, I took a shower and shaved my facial hair. Then, I shaved my legs and moisturized them. They looked so feminine and smooth. After stepping out of the bathroom, I put on the new bra and panties set. I simply feel in love with the feeling of lingerie on my body. Then I stuffed some roll of socks inside the bra cups  and adjusted them to look more rounder and real. I was quite happy how they looked.

This was going to be my first time putting on a hair wig.  I had no idea how I was going to look in long hairs. I really hoped I look like a beautiful girl. I was eager to find out. I instantly felt different once the hair wig was in place. It really felt like I had long hair now which made me feel more feminine.

When I looked into the mirror, I was shocked. All the traces of my manhood was gone. I looked completely like a girl . The hair wig completely transformed my look from boy into a girl.  I realized at that point how having long hair can completely transform a person’s look and make them appear so feminine and beautiful.

I couldn’t stop looking at the new me in the mirror. I was in love with how I looked. I was in love with how I was feeling. I was finally the girl I so wanted to be. The rush of excitement was constantly running all over my body as I carried on with my transformation.

Next, I put on the stockings and it also came with straps which could be strapped to the panties. WOW I screamed when I looked into the mirror, I looked so hot and girly. I started getting pretty aroused just by looking at myself in the mirror. I rolled my hand over my legs in stockings and it was  such an amazing sensation. After posing around for a bit in front of the mirror in my new look, I took out the black body con dress and slipped into it. It was such a perfect fit. I loved how figure hugging and fitting it was on my body. I felt so sexy and feminine.

After adjusting the dress, I put on the high heels, and my transformation was almost complete now. When I looked into the mirror, I couldn’t believe how I ended up looking so much like a girl. I felt completely different, I felt like I was a beautiful girl now. My heart was beating faster and faster, every movement, every step I took, I felt more and more like a girl and less and less like a guy now.

Now, for the last step of the transformation, I placed some foundation on my face, put on some eyeliner ( struggled a lot), put some mascara and pink lip gloss. Putting on makeup was harder than I thought. After half an hour, I managed to do a decent job with the makeup. I looked so much feminine and pretty with makeup. I was happy I ordered some makeup because I looked much better and it was a lot of fun applying makeup too. It felt relaxing and girly.

When I looked into the mirror after my final transformation, I felt like I was missing out so much before. I really could become a beautiful girl and do things as a girl. After admiring myself for a long time in front of the mirror, I decided to go out in the balcony. Walking in heels was another beautiful experience for me, the heels made my legs and my whole body look very feminine and sexy.

I was loving everything about my transformation into a girl. As I took steps to the balcony, my heart started beating faster again. As I reached the balcony door, I was hesitant to step out. It was pretty dark outside now. What if anyone else saw me? Could anyone tell if I was actually a guy dressing up as a girl? Could I really pass as a girl? I was having a lot of questions in my head. I finally decided to step out and finally experience how it felt being out in the open completely.

I took a cigarette, lighter and my phone, then stepped out in the balcony. As I opened the door and stepped out. It was so intense than I imagined, I felt like I was fully exposed to the world and everyone was looking at me. It was scary and amazing at the same time. I placed the phone on one side and started recording a video. My heart was beating fast. I lit the cigarette and tried my best to casually smoke a cigarette as a girl.

While taking a few puffs, I looked around to check if anyone was looking, I couldn’t see anyone, but it felt like someone was staring at me. As I was standing there in a dress, the wind was hitting my legs in stockings, it felt great. I started to feel more comfortable outside and after finishing my smoke, I stopped the recording and went inside to check the footage. My heart was beating faster as I watched the recording of me as a girl.

I couldn’t believe I actually went out in the open dressed as a girl and how amazing it was. I loved it. This was just going to be the starting of an amazing crossdressing journey for me and I will share more of my stories later. Have fun crossdressing to all the gals out there like me.

Submitted by Tina

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  1. Herm@na tr@vesti, esa experiencia yo también la recreé estando en la terraza de un hotel y me trae muchos recuerdos de esa primera vez con ropa interior (bragas aplanando mis cosas, sujetador rellenado, liguero, medias, vestido y fumando nerviosamente por si fuera descubierto por alguien en el balcón. Fué una experiencia muy excitante y para mi sigue siéndolo. Muchas gracias por tu historia.

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