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First Time as a Woman

I worked at a small retail store and they encouraged their employees to dress up for Halloween. My store had a 6 employees all women i was the only guy.They all came up with pimp and hoes with me being the pimp. My reaction was why do you all have the fun what if I wanted to be a hooker? To my surprise they said okay you can be a hooker too.

After work I told my girlfriend about what happened she was more than willing to help me. She took me shopping at thrift stores. On my next day off we found a red leopard print dress. We found a belt that had BAD GIRL written on it. On the way home we stopped in wal-mart for black tights, my girlfriend said she had everything else I needed.

The night before Halloween she gave me a bottle of hair remover and told me to take a shower and use it and shave my face really close.When I stepped out hairless as the day i was born my GF asked me how does it feel? I just said weird really really weird she got a good chuckle.

In the morning it was time to get ready the first thing she handed me was this one piece bodysuit thing.It had a bra and panties built in and a tummy shaper to suck my gut in. After some wiggling I finally got in it. I then realized the built in panty was more of a built in thong. Next came the tights nylons on a freshly shaven legs is an experience no words can describe you just have to do it yourself. I sat down while the GF was doing my makeup and hair I had long hair at the time so no wig for me.I made boobs the night before with dry rice and a old pair of the GF trouser socks.

I then put on my dress and belt when i looked in the mirror I was a hot woman. My GF Ran to get a pair of boots I was thinking a pair of her knee high. She bought a pair of 6 inch platform heeled thigh high boots. I was told they might be small but if I just wear the tights and no socks my foot should slide in and she was right.

When I arrived at work I had a guy hit on me as soon as i got out of the car (to be fair I was a hot blond driving a red 68 mustang who could resist?). When my coworkers seen me they was speechless. Rest of the day people were taking pictures with me, hitting on me one guy asked his wife why don’t you dress like that for me.

A former employee showed up said she was on the other side of town. She heard people talking about the hot Tgirl working and knew it was me. One cashier was being really flirty with me she finally admitted she thinks I look hot and would I like to come over after work?

At the end of the night i had gotten a couple of number from mostly guys and a few girls.I was invited to start doing drag shows.On my way to the car my good friend pulled up and wanted to show me off to her girlfriend and her mom.

– Brandie D

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  1. Me encantó la historia.
    Me gustaría publicar la primera vez que salí vestida a la calle.

    1. Anímate a hacerlo! Yo también estoy pensando hacerlo pues fue una experiencia muy linda… Es bonito compartir entre nosotras!!

  2. This story is 100% true because it happened to me. I had a blast that day. Oh the friends mom took a picture with me and blew it up to a 8×10. The picture is hanging up with the rest of the family photos. She tells people that is her other daughter Mercedes.

    1. Did you ever follow up on any of the phone numbers?

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