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Fernanda Lust – Drag Queen

Fernanda Lust

Fernanda Lust is a fabulous drag queen who loves performing at shows. He is also a professional makeup artist (MAC ) who became an artist performer. Fernanda is Brazilian,  and currently lives in Belgium. He has been doing shows for 17 years, and also as a makeup artist by profession since a long time.

He got interested in Drag Queens when he was was taking a theater and dance course, and a friend  introduced  him to a bar show and he fell in love. For his fabulous Drag Queen transformation, he says its takes 1 hour 30 minutes for a show and about 15 minutes for a normal look at home.

Fernanda Lust

He says that the best part about performing as a Drag Queen is the public. Fernanda says that his parents and friend are quite supportive of him being a Drag Queen and they are his fans.

Fernanda favorite drag queen artist is Sugar Love and she recommends everyone should check out the Sugar Love show. His advice for anyone just starting out with drag is to have patience, and a lot of dedication, the compensation will come with time.

Follow Fernanda in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fernandalust_

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Fernanda Lust Fernanda Lust

Fernanda Lust Fernanda Lust

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  1. Would like to meet and talk. Also from Belgium

  2. Awesome you are beautiful babe 😘❤🤩

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