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Femme Side Studio – Crossdressing Service

Femme Side Studio - Crossdressing ServicesFemme Side Studio offers a discreet service specializing in male to female crossdressing and transvestite transformation. Their salon is located in the heart of Syston, Leicester, UK.

They have a wide range of services which includes amazing list of transformational beauty and styling packages like the 3 hour Makeover & Photoshoot, Make-up & Go package and more. They also offer a no. of specialist services like girly shopping days, en-femme walkabouts and group events.

Femme Side Studio offer an exclusive high-end dressing service complete with wigs, outfits, shoes, breast forms, professional makeup, airbrush foundation, eyebrow reshaping/trimming, wig personalization and style advices.

Femme Side Studio

The studio also offers a professional posing & photography room. The staffs at the studio are professionals and have years of experience in transformation makeup-up & Styling to bring out the beautiful woman in you.

Tracey is the owner and lead stylist at Femme Side Studio. She has more than 10 years experience in the hair, fashion and makeup industry. Enjoy your personalized makeover inside their fabulous studio with very friendly staffs. Their services are provided by appointment only, so get in touch to book their service


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Crossdressing transformation

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  1. Sweet! Find me on Facebook – ‘Your Inner Woman Is Calling’ – maybe I can post your service on the page 😉

  2. Yasss!!! Gorgeous transformations!

  3. Úgy kiprobalnam

  4. I am transgender and love the girls 👧 are great they look so great

  5. Sehen alle Toll aus

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