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Femesque – Crossdressing Services in UK

Femesque Crossdressing Services in UK

Femesque is a exclusive dressing studio, known for their excellence and experience in male to female transformations. They have been catering to crossdressing & transgender clients with their knowledge and experience since 2008 in UK.

They provides lovely Makeovers & beauty transformation service and help their client in recreating the feminine looks they always wanted to achieve.

You can choose from a wide range of looks from Style icon to glamour, classic to the natural every day look. Femesque also have a fantastic range of top quality wigs to use during makeovers and also to purchase as well.

Location: Aldershot, Hampshire, UK.

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crossdressinge service in UK male to female transformation services uk

Femesque crossdressing studio

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  1. The girls are absolutely stunning I am a closet crossdresser

  2. Would it be possible to turn a 5’11” overweight man like me into the female I want to be. I have 38 inch waist and have no female clothes of my own. I’m 67 and feel like it is too late for me

    1. I sympathize as I am in same girly boat. Love crossdressing but am bit overweight and 60yo.

  3. It’s never too late! No matter the size, the trick is in padding to achieve your desired proportions. As long as your hips and chest are larger, it will give you an hourglass figure. Gotta make the most of life 🙂

  4. wow
    when can we meet up x

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