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Famous Female Cosplayer Turns out to be a Male Crossdresser

Famous Japanese female cosplayer turns out to be a male crossdresser

A popular Japanese Cosplayer who was thought to be a female cosplayer actually turns out to be a male crossdresser. Rei Dunois, known for transforming into real-life female anime characters, admitted to fans that  she is a actually a guy who is also a crossdresser.

Rei fooled the world with makeup, wigs, rubber suits & different costumes. When he revealed himself as a crossdresser who loves cosplay, surprisingly his fans were not upset and he gained even more support & followers ranging from disbelief to full admiration for Rei’s amazing male to female cosplay transformations.

Rei Dunois male to female cosplayer

You can see from these photos how his cute face and transformation skills could fool anybody. So it is not much of a surprise that his secret went unnoticed by the fans for sometime, most of whom are actually boys.

Rei male to female cosplayer

However, the queen of cosplay caused a viral sensation when he released his real image, a guy with prominent mustache.

Rei also revealed the tricks he used to pretend to be a actually a girl. Some examples are body suits, makeup, photo editing applications, and wearing special outfits to make her look more feminine.

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