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F1NN5TER – Story Behind The Gamer Who Started Dressing up as a Girl

F1NN5TER dressed as a girlFinn, better known online as F1NN5TER  is a British video gamer, online streamer, YouTuber, and content creator. He is also widely known for his YouTube channels ( Finn & F1nn5terLIVE ) where he primarily features his e-girl persona, Rose, on his videos. A good portion of his fanbase comes from his e-girl content where he dress himself as a girl. Finn’s e-girl fanbase has grown immensely over the past few years.

Finn dressed as RoseFinn identifies himself as a cis male crossdresser / Femboy. Upon asked by his fans whether he considers himself as Trans, he stated in one of his video that he actually considers himself as a Femboy/crossdresser and prefers to use he/him pronouns (also mentioned in his Twitter Profile).

Finn started his YouTube channel ” F1NN5TER ” in June 2015, primarily making Minecraft videos.  In Jan 2019, Finn lost a bet with one of his friends and as a punishment, his friends could do his make-up. They were convinced that Finn looked like an actual girl with make-up and girl’s clothes on.

So, Finn made the video, “So I Pretended To Be A GIRL on OMEGLE!” and uploaded this video on his second channel ” Finn “, in a failed attempt to prove he didn’t actually look like a girl. The video received very little attention during this time, as Finn never advertised it on his main channel.So I Pretended To Be A GIRL On OMEGLEIn December 2019, Finn’s main channel had crossed 100,000 plus subscribers and around Christmas time, Finn decided to do a Christmas e-girl livestream on his main channel. This livestream became very popular and his second channel video started to get a lot of attention. The no. of subscribers started to increase immensely.

After the success of his first video on his second channel, he started uploading more videos where he trolled people on the internet while dressed up as a girl. His Video Playlist ” So I Pretended To Be A GIRL On OMEGLE! ” has over 15,000,000 plus views in total.

After losing another bet to one of his friends, Finn started streaming as an e-girl on Twitch every day in May 2020 . These streams started becoming very popular, attracting lots of viewers. Due to the popularity of the streams, Finn decided to continue doing them even after the bet was over.

F1NN5TER live streaming

A month after Finn started streaming, one of his fans decided to make a highlights channel, “F1nn5terLIVE “. This channel became very popular in a short period of time. After noticing the popularity of this channel, Finn decided to start paying the editor for their work, thus making the channel his official highlights channel.

Some of his popular videos from this channel are:




Photo Gallery:



F1NN5TER dressed as girl

F1NN5TER crossdressing

Follow F1NN5TER on Twitch:

Main YouTube Channel:  F1NN5TER

Secondary YouTube Channel: Finn

The Official F1NN5TER stream highlights channel: F1nn5terLIVE

Rose’s Instagram Channel:

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  1. You make a very attractive, feminine, young lady. Great work!

  2. How do you create your breast effects because they look real

    1. he uses one of those stick on bras that holds the breast together for cleavage and fake breast with a regular bra for volume. at least that is what i get from what was said in streams

  3. Definitely transgender now…

    1. Not when he still calls himself a guy.

  4. He is clearly a transgender women now. A lot of trans don’t admit that they are trans and continue to call themselves just “Gay” which technically all LGBTQ+ are GAY. However trans is not a sexuality it is a body/gender dysphoria disorder. So trans people take much longer to admit that they are trans its a denial thing. Cross dressing is a FETISH. If he goes out looking like a WOMEN 24/7 that’s not crossdressing. Cross dressing is temporary and only used for sex once the sex is over the costume comes off. Trans are trans all day everyday looking like the opposite sex.

    1. “Cross dressing is temporary and only used for sex …”. Really? So what do you call it if a genetic male dresses occasionally but it’s NOT for sex?

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