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Eva Joyce

Crossdresser Eva Joyce

▶ Femme name: Eva Joyce

Location: Saint-Peterburg Russia

How long you have been crossdressing : Two and a half years

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience:  The first thing I got to handle was makeup. After some tries and fails I found out that making my own makeup is not the thing I’m especially good at. I found a makeup artist who helps me a lot for the last couple of years and I’m very grateful that my friends help me with this.

I was looking for my style for a few years and finally I came up with Eva like a full blown character I’m comfortable with. One of my biggest things in the last years is finding a girlfriend who supports me and helps me with all this stuff.

Reason you crossdress: It’s a variation of art for me and expressing myself.

Things you like to do after dressing up: Nothing special, just normal girls activities, like shopping, going out for parties or making photo sets.

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Eva JoyceCrossdresser Eva

Eva Joyce Crossdresser Eva

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  1. You look very beautiful and feminine!

  2. So preatty

  3. Súper hermosa

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