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Elvina Heels – CoverGirl of the Week (September)

Crossdresser Elvina HeelsFeaturing the fabulous and gorgeous crossdresser Elvina Heels as our CoverGirl of the Week for September, 2023.

Some words by Elvina:

“Hi, my name is Elvina Heels. As you may have noticed by my last name, I am obsessed with high heels.”

“I have a wonderful wife, she knows about my passion for dressing up. Crossdressing helps me to relax and let go of everyday problems for a while.”

“I like to transform into various female images. I really like business women’s suits. I am constantly improving my costumes, make-up and trying to look feminine. Subscribe, like, share your opinion” – Elvina

Follow Elvina on Instagram: @elvina_heels

Photo Gallery:

cute crossdresser

crossdresser in purple dress

man to woman transformation

beautiful crossdresser

male to female transformation

crossdresser in high heels

crossdresser makeover

man dressed as woman

Crossdresser Elvina heels

man to woman transformation

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