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Doctor’s Orders – Aunt Finds Out Her Nephew is a Crossdresser

doctors order - crossdressing story

I arrived home, with a limp, and mom asking what happened to you.

Mom, I just stepped off the sidewalk, to cross the road, and something went in my calf.

Then, my aunt Maureen appeared, as she had been to the bathroom, and her car was somewhat parked not outside the house, due to an oil delivery lorry there, at the time she pulled into mom’s.

Well, I imparted to mom and aunt, then, aunt spoke, come on I’ll take you to the health center, to see what you have done.

Well painful it will be aunt, but it possibly will be gone by tomorrow.

Nonsense, if you have torn a ligament or something, it will be awhile, before you are walking properly again.

Go with your aunt now, and stop being stubborn, when you are offered a ride.

So off we went and arrived there. Luckily, it was nigh-on closing, but the receptionist told us to wait, and I see if Doctor Lang will examine you. Come this way please, the receptionist ushered us, then entering the office, she closed the door, and now aunt and I were there. Doctor Lang entered and yes, it was a lady Doctor.

I explained everything to her, and she told me to strip completely.

Doctor, I have only injured my leg.

Are you embarrassed, because your aunt is here, or something else? Would you prefer your aunt to wait in the waiting room.

No Doctor, it’s alright, I’ll undress, me now looking at my aunt.

Come on Graham, the Doctor has had a busy day, and wishes to be going home, as she is kind enough to see you at last minute.

I stripped to my pink knickers, yes knickers, that were pink, and both my aunt and Doctor Lang, stared at them.

Oh, now I see why you were a hesitant young man, as she indicated to my knickers and emphasizing, to take my knickers off.

The Doctor could have said, take them off, but no, specifically named the feminine item of clothing. I am now stark-naked, in a room, with two women.

After my examination, I was told, you have injured your calf muscle, but it will ease each day, and gave me cream to apply to the painful area.

Thank you Doctor, may I dress now please.

Yes, if you wish to.

Once in the car, aunt Maureen just sat there, not starting the car.

I am intrigued by why you are wearing girl’s knickers, and pink, at that.

I bought them aunt Maureen, as I knew, she would not leave the car park, until I enlightened her.

Does your mom know of his?

Please aunt, no mom does not know.

Well, should you not be imparting to her, all of this, aunt now looking at me, and after seeing me wearing pink knickers and seeing me naked, I seemed emasculated.

I think we best tell her, and it is best before your sister arrives home, unless you wish to wait, to tell them both. You will have to tell them my girl, as they will be needing to be washed sometime.

Aunt, you addressed me as a girl.

Yes, I did, didn’t I.

Well, I cannot really say boy, with you wearing girl’s knickers, now, can I.

No aunt.

I will save you the embarrassment, and tell your mom and sister, so you can just wait, until I say, Graham, strip to just your knickers girl. Then you shall turn around in the room, so each of us can view you, from front to back, in your pink girl’s knickers.

I was stumped, as if I pleaded with my aunt, which I was yearning to do, she would only revel in my helplessness. I am doing this for your own good, and afterward, you shall be coming with me, to stay at my home, for two weeks.

Why aunt?

Well, let us say, I have always wanted two nieces and now I shall be having my wish granted.

You mean, you are going to dress me up, in girl’s clothes, aunt? Oh yes my girl and more than that, but you shall have to wait and see, what I will be doing to you, in that fortnight.


Written by Jane Wyn Jones.

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  1. She set you up on a date with a boy, didn’t she?

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