Dawn Vierra

crossdresser Dawn Vierra
Femme name: Dawn Vierra

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania

How long you have been crossdressing: I believe its been about 5.5 or 6.5 years now. Started whenever the falcons and patriots were in the superbowl. Lost a bet and had to dress up and got addicted. Been going strong ever since.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Its fun to see how far I’ve come. I cringe at my old photos hard, but just goes to show what getting decent at makeup and learning some other little tricks can really do to make someone look more femme. Id love to do an interview with you guys!

Reason you crossdress: Lost a bet. Had to cam as a chick till I made 100$. Got addicted to it and kept camming. Began to make more money camming than my real job. Quit my real job and now crossdressing is my main source of income. Kinda crazy really. If you told me that’s what id be doing now 10 years ago, id bet you 1 million dollars you were wrong.


Photo Gallery: 

Dawn Vierra

Dawn Vierra in blue wig

Dawn Vierra crossdressing in white corset top


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  1. First, you are gorgeous! Second, what was the bet?

  2. You are gorgeous Dawn!!! I bet you are happy that you lost that bet now!!! It has opened up an entire new life for you and you are just so great at it dear!!!
    Has cross dressing changed your sexual orientation at all?
    If so, what comes first, a drifting in sexual orientation or the urge to cross dress?

    Kisses Sweetie!!

  3. I know I’d love to see you in person. You look absolutely beautiful.

  4. Hello 👋 dear

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