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Daniella – Covergirl of the Week (June)

Crossdresser Daniella

Featuring the cute and fabulous Daniella as our Covergirl of the Week for June.

Some words by Daniella:

“I’ve been wanting to dress up in cute outfits for as long as I can remember, and when I was 15 I finally had the courage to buy something online for myself. My world was upside down when I wore it and it felt so fun to wear. I kept buying more, including a wig so I could try to pass, and at night I would sneak out and take long walks, avoiding everyone I encountered.

Only when I was 22 I decided I had to tell someone about it, and I told a very close girl friend. She was super supportive and sweet about it. She asked me if I wanted to go through her old closet and take some clothes and let me dress up when I visited her place.

Slowly, I started getting the confidence to tell more people, even my family. Since last year, I’ve been growing my hair out so I don’t need a wig anymore, which helps a ton for my confidence! Thanks to the pandemic I was able to spend two months fully dressed up 24/7 and I now dress up whenever not at work.”

I have a small pile of boy clothes on the ground for work, and a big wardrobe full of the cutest dresses and skirts. And if necessary, I buy a second wardrobe!”

Follow Daniella on Instagram: _xxdaniella

Photo Gallery:

Crossdresser Daniella in pink prom dress

Daniella crossdressing in red mini skirt

Crossdresser Daniella


Daniella crossdressing in pantyhose and skirt


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  1. You look so good and have some of the cutest skirts. I think that’s my favorite thing to wear. I love cute, pretty skirts.

  2. So gorgeous and beautiful you make me jealous that you look that good

  3. Syper seksi😍

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