Dakota Kühn

Crossdresser Dakota

▶ Femme name: Dakota Kühn

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

How long you have been crossdressing : My first memories were of me crossdressing. I’ve even seen photos that are so old I can’t remember them and there I am in a dress or frilly skirt. I guess I paused it during my teenage years due to social pressure, but I still wore makeup and girls clothes. Just not dresses and things that were super fem. I started going full fem around the age of 26, which was in 2014.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience:  It’s been really interesting for sure. I cross dress in my daily life, so I have a lot of weird stories about it. Mostly it’s just been a really wonderful way to fully embrace myself and experiment with different looks.

Reason you crossdress: Fashion is the first reason I went for it. I love playing with makeup and clothes so it was a way for me to play with more looks. I also have dysphoria about my male appearance and crossdressing really helps me hold that down and feel like myself. I really feel like a girl in a guys body, but I’m not wanting to do a full transition, so cross dressing often times just makes me feel like the inner me is showing on the outside and it feels really good. Like I’m more me.

Things you like to do after dressing up: Anything really! I cross dress constantly so I’ll do anything. To me it’s just getting dressed for the day. I like go shopping, go out to eat, go to a show, go to a party… sometimes just do nothing but hang out! The only thing I don’t normally do when I’m cross-dressed is athletic or messy stuff. If I know I’m gonna be running around and getting dirty, it’s a good day to sport a natural or boyish look.

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Crossdresser Dakota



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  1. Beautiful

  2. I’m a crossdresser I live like that ever day

  3. Very beautiful

  4. very beautiful wish I had someone like you my life would treat you like a Queen

  5. She goddess

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