Crossdressing in Wedding Dress

Crossdressing in wedding dress

Crossdressing in a wedding dress is certainly one of the most feminine things a crossdresser can do. The feeling of wearing a lovely wedding dress, getting a full makeover & experience the sensation of being a bride will make any crossdresser feel very beautiful & feminine.

Here are some gorgeous crossdressers dressed up as beautiful brides in fabulous wedding dresses.

Beautiful crossdresser in wedding dress Crossdressing in wedding dress Crossdressing in wedding dress Crossdresser Bride Crossdresser in wedding dress

Crossdresser in bridal dress Beautiful crossdresser Crossdresser transform into bride Crossdressing as bride Crossdressing in wedding dress Crossdressing as bride

crossdresser bride crossdresser as brideBeautiful crossdresser bride Crossdresser bride Lovely crossdresser in wedding dress Crossdresser Bride

Lovely crossdresser in bridal dress Crossdresser in wedding dress

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  1. Gorgeous brides

  2. This is something I’ve always dreamed about my gf & I both dressed as brides on our wedding day.

  3. Would like to look like that too.

  4. Its about time that we got the guys into dresses ! Get your man into wearing dresses and skirts, the changes in him (For the better) will improve him.

    1. Yes, I can only agree with that. It would be nice if women could support men in living out their feminine side. I believe that this would help men understand women better in some things and that things could work more harmoniously between both genders.

  5. This is the best feeling when dressed as a bride. I have done this several times now and it always feels special. Every cross dresser should do it.xx

  6. My dream

  7. I so want to be my Daddy’s bride! I want to marry him, and become his sweet little wife forever and ever! I promise to obey him and satisfy his every whim, and make him the happiest husband in the world!

  8. This for the wedding day. Something else for the wedding night. 😜

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