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Crossdressing in Public with a Friend

Crossdressing in Public with a friend

I have dressed at home for years but there comes a time when you really want to step out in public. The first time I stepped out was with one of my very close crossdresser friend Mia. Crossdressing in public with a friend was really special for me. I had such an amazing time.

Mia & I first met online and afterwards we met in person. We both shared so many interest that it didn’t take much time for us to become close friends. Mia is smart, gorgeous and very confident. When I told her about my desire to step out in public, she really motivated me. Mia had so much experience being out in public and gave me plenty of tips. 

So one day,  I went to Mia’s house, then we both got dressed. It was around afternoon time. Mia recommended that we should go and hang out at the mall nearby. It sounded like a nice idea but when it was time to finally go, I was quite nervous to walk out.  But Mia persuaded me that it would be fine and we would have lots of fun.

The mall was just 5 minutes walk from Mia’s house. It wasn’t a very big mall and Mia told me that it was only crowded during the weekends. Then we stepped out, I was really nervous but Mia held my hands and we slowly walked down the street.

As we started walking, I felt so exposed and at the same time very excited. I could feel my heart beating louder with each step I took. I was really conscious about everything, especially my appearance. Whenever I saw cars or people coming in our direction, I would get pretty shaken up and Mia would try to distract me by talking to me about something random. That really helped me to calm down.

I thought about going back a lot of times and asked Mia if we should just head back home. But Mia told me it would get better and she was right. I started feeling more comfortable as we walked to the mall. I started noticing that most people were just focused on their own thing and only few people glanced but they would go back to whatever they were doing. I started feeling a little confident.

As we reached the mall, I felt pretty anxious again. There weren’t many people fortunately and that made me feel quite relaxed. Then we both went inside. Having Mia around me was just amazing as she was so experienced and knew how to handle everything like interacting with people, talking to the sales person, buying snacks etc. without getting nervous.

We did a lot of window shopping, got snacks in the food court and brought few makeup products too. I really had such a great time with Mia and it was so much better than I expected it to be. When we reached back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about going out again.

The End

Submitted by Ashley

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