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Crossdressing in Public – Almost Got Caught

Caught Crossdressing Story

Since childhood I was interested in crossdressing. I used to dress up in my sisters clothes. After I finished college, I started living in an apartment. I began saving money to buy more feminine stuffs. I bought lot of dresses, under garments, shoes and wigs. I would usually spend my time dressed as a girl inside the apartment.

I started to get quite good at putting on makeup and my transformations were also getting better. The desire to crossdress kept growing strong. I started to go out in the balcony where other people could see me from the road and that would give me a huge rush.

One night, I decided to step out from my apartment and go shop at a department store. I got dressed and put on a nice makeup. It was Friday night so most of the people were out in my building. My apartment is on the 4th floor. I decided to to take the stairs because most people would use the elevator. After I got ready, I grabbed a purse and got some money, my apartment keys and my phone. I wore short heels because this was my first time out in public.

So I was finally ready to go out. I was wearing a white knee length dress and black pantyhose. My hair was already long at that time and that was one of the reason I looked quite passable as a girl. So I got out of the apartment and locked the door behind me. The hallway was empty. My heart was beating quit fast as I started walking. Then I took the the stairs and slowly made my way down to the exit of the building. Just then, I saw a group of people coming in my direction.

I got a bit scared and tried to act normal. When they passed me I was quite relieved. Then I was out in the open, it was an amazing feeling. I bring out my phone and pretend to use it, just so I could spend some time like that. I put the phone back and started heading to the store which was around 20 blocks away. I had walked that street for so many times but this time, It was just so different and I really felt like I was a girl walking down the street. The street was quite empty at that time and that made me feel more confident. I had practiced a lot to walk in heels so I felt my walk was feminine enough.

I finally reach the departmental store. As I was about to go in, my phone rang. I checked to see who it was and it was one of my friend. I couldn’t speak at that time because people could hear my voice and get confused. So I switched the phone to silent. I get few more calls for him.

Then I receive a message which says my friend was in my building and if I was free to hang out. I got scared immediately and I just got blank, not knowing what to text him back. After some minutes, I figured I should text that I was away to a relative house and was busy for the evening.

I had always kept my crossdressing a secret, so nobody knew about it. After I sent the message, I went inside the store and started to shop around. I went into the women’s section and checked out different clothes and lingerie too. I was having the time of my life. I decided to try on some dresses, so I picked three dresses and went to the the changing room.

I tried on the dresses and I really liked the red one which was a mini dress. I decided to buy that and after taking a look on few other things, I decided to check out. As I reached the counter, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I got completely surprised to see that my friend who texted me before was also in the store.

My heart began to to beat faster again and I felt very nervous and to make things more difficult, my friend comes right behind me to checkout. I try my best to you look casual and get on with my shopping but I really was feeling very nervous and quite scared.

Finally, I make the payment and without looking back once, I rush out of the store. As I was walking out, suddenly my friend calls from behind. “Hey, turn back.”. I could feel goose bump all over my body.

Did my friend really recognized me. I resist to look behind but he kept calling me to turn around. So, with all the courage I had, I turned around. I look at him and he is looking at me. I feel completely embarrassed. Then he comes around and with a smile, shows money in his hand.

“You forgot you change, here you go.”. He said.

I stood numb, smiled back and nodded.

He then nodded back and left. I was so close to fainting. I was sure, he recognized me but he didn’t. That was really scary. I started walking. After I was around 1 blocks away from store I looked back to see if my friend was still there.

I couldn’t stop wondering whether my friend really recognized me or not. This would be so embarrassing. This was quite a scary experience for the first time going out as a girl.

I rushed back to the building and to the stairs. I reach my floor and as I was in the hallway, I saw the neighbors from the opposite apartment come out. I couldn’t get into my apartment because they would see me getting in and that could raise some suspicions and they could recognize me too.

So, I simply walk right past them and pretend to walk down the hallway. As soon as I stop hearing their footsteps, I turn around and when I saw no one was there, I ran back and opened the door to my apartment and shut it behind me. I felt a huge relief to be back in my place and this first time felt like a crazy experience but I liked the rush I had experienced that day.

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  1. Nice story. I wonder how to get in and out of my apt without getting seen. Went out last two nights in a row to the beach late at night with panties and bra on under my male clothes. When i got to the beach i stripped off my sweat pants and shirt and there i was….out in public in womens underware for all to see and it felt so liberating and right. I just started crossdressing and i bought a bunch of sexy lingere on line cant wait to wear it but im kinda scared of leaving the house in drag…… It was really late at night and noone saw mewhen i went out.but part of me wishes i was seen.

  2. Nothing wrong with been caught, It opened my life up to whole new exciting chapter, & WOW do i enjoy it, I’ve gone out wearing lingerie under my male clothes, But once I was caught, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was outed no matter what the guy who caught me said, So it was easier to bite the bullet & go out wearing a miniskirt & high heels & be the woman I wanted to be

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