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Crossdressing Captions That Every Crossdresser Can Relate To.. (Part 1)

crossdressing captions

Here are 10 Crossdressing Captions That Every Crossdresser Can Relate To..

Crossdressing Captions “You want to go outside in public dressed as a beautiful woman.”

Crossdressing Captions “This is your life when left home alone!” Crossdressing Captions “Once you start crossdressing, you’ll never be able to stop!” Crossdressing Captions “This is the life you should be living.”

Crossdressing Captions “You want to be the bride, not the groom.”

Crossdressing Captions

“Wearing a dress and heels just feels so right.”
Crossdressing Captions “That inner peace that you feel when you’re dressed and in Makeup can only mean one thing.. YOU’RE A GIRL!”  Crossdressing Captions “You are a girly girl on the inside.” Crossdressing Captions “I always felt like a girl inside.” Crossdressing Captions“All you think about is being a girl.. You need to be a girl..Now!”

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  1. love these they are how i feel

  2. All of them so true… I really would love to be the bride!! 😊

    1. I’m very interested i do cross dress myself i like to know more about it I’d like for a crossdresser to text me back and give me there opinion on my situation

      1. Hi I think you would be fun to talk to I’m kinky femboy love to where nylons pink thong mini skirts my high hell’s or platforms pink lipstick 👄

  3. Yes I always felt out of place. I needed to be a female since I was young. I feel more at ease in the world when I can be Jacqueline and be with men.

  4. Third one’s right. I’ll never stop.

  5. Not cross dressed for years now , but somehow I think I will be starting again . I did want to becomes a woman but for various reasons that much sadly was never to be : but no matter what it will always haunt you no matter how much you try to play it down and just try and make the best of things the way they are .

  6. “ALL I THINK ABOUT IS BEING A GIRL”. you need to be a girl now, suits me entirely
    as I’d love wearing her high heels & pleated miniskirt

  7. love the title girl grl

  8. it soo wonderful becumming this grl

  9. yes i have weanted tio be a girkl every since i was four years old!

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