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Crossdressing Captions That Every Crossdresser Can Relate To.. (Part 3)

Crossdressing Caption

“It’s so relaxing to be all dressed up and feel girly..”

Crossdressing Caption “There was no going back after you saw yourself in the mirror.”

Crossdressing Caption

“The first time you dressed, did your makeup and hair and looked in the mirror, now there is no going back.”

Crossdressing Caption

“Getting dressed is half the fun.”

Crossdressing Caption

“I like dressing up as a girl, even though I am actually a boy..”

Crossdressing Caption

“You are a crossdresser if your fantasy is getting dressed up as a girl and going out in public”

Crossdressing Caption

“Crossdressing sometimes it’s not gay.. Sometimes it’s loving women so much you want to dress just like them.. You just want to be pretty too!”

Crossdressing Caption“You want to go out in public dressed as a cute girl.”


  1. Hello crossdressing i love you

  2. I love wearing lingerie

    1. Hello yes male to female Transformation

  3. Dressing as a lady makes me confident, happy, and attractive to men. Always want to dress up.

  4. I love wearing lingerie under my male clothes, I feel sexy without anyone knowing… Now if I could only get caught by the right person…

    1. I sooo understand! I wear a suit most days and would love someone getting a peek of my thong as I am bent over the sink washing my face at the office restroom. Or having a dom chick catch me after work.

    2. Nikki darling I have the same desire💕

  5. I want to sleep as a male then wake up as a female permanently

  6. Soo relatable each of them, especially the “sometimes it’s not gay..” one 😅

  7. Hello yes male to female Transformation

  8. I am attracted to the female image.
    When I get dolled up, my desires drift toward being attractive for men.
    If I’m able to achieve critical femininity, I want to be seen in public and be approached.
    If a clean, decent-looking man approaches me, I may offer my ‘services’.
    No charge, of course – I’m a sissy slut, not a drag prostitute.

    1. Oh being a sissy crossdresser makes me full of naughty desires!!👠👠

  9. I think it is every cross dressers dream to go out in public fully dressed, I know it was mine. I finally got up the nerve & went to a mall, the feeling was like I had died & went to heaven. I then started going out in public a lot more but the down side to this was, I started wanting to try being with a man as a woman. When I got the chance I went for it & I found out that I loved sex with men, it didn’t do my marriage a whole lot of good when my wife came home early & caught me giving a guy head while I was completely dressed up as a woman.

  10. When I first started dressing as a woman 👩 I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. Over many years I got better and better at it. I still remember the first time I went out, the way the guys would look at me just made me melt. One time this great looking guy came up to me and ask to have a drink 🍸 I was so nervous, but for some reason I couldn’t say no. We met several more times, than it happened, he kissed 💋 me, oh my goodness, my body tingled and I think I blacked out for a second. Well that was all it took, I just had to please him which I did over and over again. I will have more to share later.

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