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Crossdressing Captions Every Crossdresser Can Relate To.. (Part 2)

Crossdressing Caption

Here are 10 Crossdressing Captions Every Crossdresser Can Relate To..

Crossdressing Caption

“I’m so in love with my feminine side and can’t get enough dressing in my life.”

Crossdressing Caption

“Time to go to bed. Ohhh.. I’m going to get such a rush when I wake up like this in the morning!”

Crossdressing Caption“To escape all of my stress, I like to dress up as a girl and not be me for a while.”

Crossdressing Caption

“That wonderful day that you learned how to apply your own makeup.”

Crossdressing Caption

“That first time you dressed up and it felt completely right.”
Crossdressing Caption“You want more than just to be a girl. You want to be the girl who is out of everyone’s league that girl & men want and the other girls are jealous of..”

Crossdressing Caption “You don’t want her, You want to be her.”

Crossdressing Caption“Wearing pantyhose on shave legs feels wonderful.”

Crossdressing Caption“Admit: you want to be feminized.”

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  1. prefect yes this is me

  2. Sometimes I see a sexy woman and I keep wishing I was in her shoes – literally.

  3. Your capturing the essence of becoming a women for all us sissy grls out here Love it sooo much stephaniecurl

  4. wow. can relate

  5. I can relate to all of these picks, and captions.

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