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Crossdressers Talk About Their Favorite Outfits and Fashion Styles

Crossdresser FashionWe asked 20 crossdressers from around the world about their favorite outfits and Fashion style. Read what they said regarding their styling and outfit preferences.

1. Vanessa (France)
” I like to be in a dress and I would define my style as casual chic.”
French crossdresser

2. Amy (California, USA)
” I’m always thinking about and looking for new outfits/styles to try; whether that’s a cute pink baby girl look or a darker latex and bondage one. I find it fun to play around and lean into different feminine personas. “
cute crossdresser Amy

3. Raquel Pardo (Barcelona, Spain)
” I like to keep it stylish and as classy as I can with jewelry, accessories and the occasional party dresses.”
crossdressing as secretary

4. Sissy Lucy Love (Italy)
” I love dresses, lingeries, heels, accessories, Natural and goddess makeup. Everything that enhances my feminine side.”
crossdresser in red dress

5. Amelia Walker (Copenhagen, Denmark)
” I love classic outfits but with a bit more spicy. I also love a more sexy tight fitting outfit like tight pants and revealing top.
beautiful crossdresser in mini dress

6. Joselyn Alegría (Iquique, Chile)

“I like to keep a jovial, elegant and sensual style. I like to wear clothes that flatter my feminine silhouette and allow me to express my femininity, and highlight my attributes. I love short dresses, mini skirts, tights and garters, high heels and boots. Accessories are something that cannot be missing for me either.”

shy crossdresser

7. Grace (Madrid, Spain)
” Always high heels… very high, combined with very sexy, but elegant clothes.”
Spanish crossdresser Grace

8. Tabea (Zurich, Switzerland)
“I really love the elegant and classy looks, especially the more exceptional outfits, like ball gowns or bridal gowns.”
Crossdresser in gown

9. Claire ( Chicago, IL, USA)
“Mini dresses. I’m an absolute sucker for minidresses. Other than that I kind of like to look like a basic bitch.”
guy dressed as girl

10. Josy  (Alberta, Canada)
” My favorite outfits are definitely dresses! I love how flowy and feminine they are. I would say my style is very feminine and girly, because that’s what I’m trying to emulate the most.”
male to female transformation

11. Cindy ( U.K)
“When it comes to my favorite crossdressing outfits, I find myself drawn to two distinct styles that reflect different aspects of my personality. On one hand, I adore girly girl outfits in soft pinks and adorned with frills.

These outfits make me feel feminine, elegant, and embrace the delicate side of my identity. On the other hand, I also love bold and strong looks that exude power and confidence. These outfits play with the juxtaposition of feminine and masculine energy, allowing me to explore the full spectrum of my identity.

Whether it’s a flowy dress or a tight black corset, each outfit I choose represents a unique expression of who I am, and I find joy in embracing the versatility and beauty of both feminine and masculine energies within me.”
beautiful crossdresser cindy

12. Akanksha (India)
” Saree with designer backless blouse and short western dresses with backless design.”
male to female transformation

13. Grace (Düsseldorf, Germany)
” I love my leopard dress, I think it fits very well – also I just like my lingerie, especially the red and blue flower ones.”
Crossdresser in leopard print dress

14. Rachel Mcbride (Wellington, New Zealand)
“I tend to love wearing lingerie and swimsuits etc. There is certainly nowhere to hide in these outfits! I have a naturally cuddly body. I was teased as a youth for having a girls bum, but now I’m ever so proud…hehe. I wear fitting clothes that tend to hold things in place, if you know what I mean!”
cute crossdresser

15. Felicia (California, USA)
” I’m not sure how I would characterize my style, but my goal is just to blend in and pass as well as I can. Most of the time, I like to put on a miniskirt with a matching top and jacket. Of course, I’ll always wear my personal favorite, a nice pair of pantyhose to cover up any blemishes. My outfits are probably a mix of casual outfits and office secretary outfits!”
boy to girl transformation

16. Namfon Yardpirun (Thailand)
“Office girl outfit, evening dresses, short dresses. And high heels.”
crossdresser in formal wear

17. Samantha (Medellin, Colombia)
“My fav style by far it’s baddie, like bratz, cause girl I’m Latina and Latinas are the baddest in the game!!”
Latina crossdresser

18. Patty Deep (Austria, Europe)
“My favorite outfits are definitely lingerie outfits and short skater skirts.”

19.  Jade (London, UK)
“I love trying so many different ones & sometimes I vary from the casual, around the house look, all the way to a full blown glamorous, evening look but I probably find myself most of the time in a casual night out kind of look that tries to be sexy without crossing into slutty (but every now & then I do like a good slutty look too).”
makeover studio

20. Alice (Ukraine)
“Usually, my outfits are all about elegance, passion, and deep inspiring femininity. Still, I also love to be different and try new things, so you can expect to see me in a variety of styles.”
Crossdresser Alice

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  1. Mostly stockings and a thong but do love a pretty short dress

  2. I’m starting a tour of the world on Monday. Beginning in France and ending in Ukraine. This is going to be soooo much fun. I don’t have enough skin left to close my eyes.

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