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Crossdressers Talk About The Reason Why They Like To Crossdress

why do people crossdressMany people wonder about the cause of crossdressing and the reason why people like to crossdress.  The reason to crossdress can be different for every individual. For some, crossdressing is a very necessary outlet for feminine self-expression and for some, it might be a fascination for opposite gender clothing or behavior.

There are many misconceptions about Crossdressers. So, in hopes to clarify more on this topic, we asked 20 crossdressers about the reason why they like to crossdress. Here is what they had to say!

1. Hollie Christopher (Charleston, South Carolina)
Crossdresser Hollie in Bodycon dress
Reason you crossdress: I crossdress because men’s clothing is just so boring!! I have a huge family with a ton of older first cousins, so I spend my adolescence going to at least one wedding every year.

One thing that I just couldn’t get off of my mind was how the women all wore different fabrics and cuts and fashions and colors and patterns and hairstyles and accessories…(I could go on and on)… Where I felt like I had to wear a strict uniform with the other guys. Since then, I’ve been committed to showing the world that men can wear whatever they like too.

2. Heather Faye (Columbus Ohio)
Crossdresser Heather in sequin dress
▶ Reason you crossdress: I crossdress because it is the only way I can truly express my feminine side. It gives me a break from my normal life and I love looking in the mirror and admiring how beautiful I can be! I also LOVE women’s fashion and I want to own everything I see!

3. Victoria (The Netherlands)
Victoria crossdressing in skirt and heels
▶ Reason you crossdress: Last year I discovered / came to terms with my gender identity and figured out I was mostly Gender Fluid. For me Victoria is part of who I am. And I love it. Sometimes she comes out a bit more often than other times. But I feel happy mostly nowadays with it.

4. Sophia Kaledrah (Marseille, France)
Crossdresser Sophia
▶ Reason you crossdress: To be a girl for one night or more is an amazing feeling and brings so much attention that only girls can have.

5. Adri Kiss (Hungary)
Crossdresser Adri Kiss
▶ Reason you crossdress: To escape the stress of everyday life. And of course I just feel the urge to wear women’s clothes

6. Tina Martini (Australia)
crossdresser Tina Martini
▶ Reason you crossdress: Becoming Tina is heaven to me, a complete escape. It’s more than sexual – I have a separate female personality who really has to live a feminine life.

7. Emily Florence (California, USA)
Beautiful crossdresser Emily
▶ Reason you crossdress: Like most cross dressers I have talked to, its a turn on or a feel good feeling. It’s not one bit about who I want to be. For me cross dressing is momentary, it is not someone I want to be full time. So yeah it is strictly for fun.

8. Melania (Italy)
Crossdresser Melania in high heels
▶ Reason you Crossdress: “It’s an expression of a part of me. It is something that I didn’t decide. It belongs to me since my birth. Through the years I have experienced more and more about this world and I find it always so fascinating. I always learn new things and I try to reach perfection day by day.”

9. Alaska (Canada)
Beautiful Crossdresser Alaska
▶ Reason you Crossdress: “It feels liberating and empowering to be able to acknowledge an inner, forbidden desire.”

10. Cassie Cinnamon (Northern England)
crossdresser cassie
▶ Reason you crossdress: I think women’s fashion is way more fun than men’s, and I think it’s healthy for a guy to be in touch with his feminine side once in a while. I’ve made a great network of friends through doing it and it’s just generally quite a freeing thing to be involved with

11. Nicole B ( London, UK)
Nicole Crossdresser
Reason you crossdress: Because it’s fun! Girls clothes and accessories are just better, I love the way I look when dressed up and only wish I could do it more!

12. Adriana Lavigne (Southern California, USA)
crossdresser Adriana
▶ Reason you crossdress: It’s more than just crossdressing. I’m bigender, which falls under the transgender umbrella. It’s complicated I know, but pretty much all transgender people start out by crossdressing.

13.  Carmen Michaels ( Austria)
Beautiful crossdresser Carmen
 Reason you crossdress: I love women and femininity so much that every now and then I just want to be a woman myself. In contrast to women, in today’s society men are unfortunately forbidden to put on make-up or wear dresses and high heels.

The garment for women in particular is so incredibly beautiful and so versatile. That’s why I show all my outfits on Instagram and recently also on Youtube to inspire women and men to wear what they would like to wear. Break social boundaries and be who you want to be.

14. Natalee (Texas, USA)
Crossdresser Natalee
▶ Reason you crossdress: It’s super fun and I get to explore my feminine side in its truest form! Also, seeing yourself as pretty or beautiful is highly addicting!

15. Olive La Strada (Romania)
Crossdresser Olive
▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience: For me crossdressing is not a way of life or different personas is just a fashion statement to inspire and help others

16. Allison Catalina (Chicago)
Crossdresser Allison Catalina
▶ Reason you crossdress: I crossdress as a form of expression and to a certain extent escapism. I am perfectly happy with my life as a straight male and have no desire to transition nor do I consider myself trans. I am just a part time female who loves femme fashion, especially heels!

17. Jenny London (London, UK)
Crossdresser Jenny
▶ Reason you crossdress: For many years, I was convinced it was purely a fetish. This was probably partly a coping mechanism (to convince myself I was “normal”), but it is true that I was turned on by lingerie, and silky/lacy fabrics from quite a young age. I suppose I was just obsessed with all things feminine. The more I did it, the more I enjoyed it. But the nature of that enjoyment started to change, and I found that I really started to love exploring this alter ego than eventually became “Jenny”.

And also… I realized that I actually looked pretty good! Those skinny arms and legs that I hated so much as a teenager were now an asset. As a guy I rarely get compliments about my looks.. I wear boring clothes and blend into the crowd. But as Jenny I can take pride in my appearance, express my sexuality, and have fun experimenting with different looks.

18. Rubi (Ellensburg Washington)
Crossdresser Rubi
▶ Reason you crossdress: Reason I dress is because of the feeling I get trying on new clothing and just looking at myself in the mirror thinking how can I get better and what parts can I grow on.

19. Kasia (Poland, Cracow)

Reason you crossdress: Crossdressing is a lot of fun for me. I love becoming a woman because when I’m dressed and made up I feel like a woman and I act that way. Besides, creating new styles, i.e. buying shoes and clothes or underwear, is a great pleasure for me, I like it very much, I like to look in the mirror and take photos.

20. Bambi Bentley (Newcastle, England)
Crossdresser Bambi Bentley
Reason you crossdress: The reason I cross dress is because I feel like I have a whole other feminine side to me that I enjoy exploring and feel comfortable with, it’s part of my personality and when I’m all glammed up it’s almost like an alter ego for me, I change and become a completely different person, it’s fun!

Comment below to let us know the Reason Why You Like to Crossdress?

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  1. just learned im bigender instead of mixed gender)anyways i crossdress for several reasons i enjoy being myself when dressed an of course women’s costmics that men don’t get wear or not allowed to where sum are into wearing pants all time i perfer wear dress or skirt then there’s women’s sexy lingerie I’ve gotten to point dress half n half out in public nobody seems care or notice but wearing my panties all time yes i feel more feminine when get dress all way may not look feminine female but can sure look like 1 from distance and use my female voice people will say miss or sorry you look like woman to me also sound like 1

  2. The reason I cross dress is because it makes me feel great and takes me away from normal life I love wearing sexy clothes silky underwear and I like to express by going for a drive and posting on social media I just wish I had the confidence to go out dressed more .

  3. as a senior citizen I am fortunate to afford another residence which is just for Emily and her clothes. after all of this time when I go out I never think that I am anything other than a woman and it just feels great to be dressed as a woman and participate in a woman’s world. I have reached the point where I have pushed myself to do womanly things like attending fashion shows or (as women will do) initiate conversations with women in the ladies room. All initially terrifying but the results and acceptance have been wonderful

  4. The reason I cross dress FUN It the biggest reason and I have learned to accept it after years of struggle Simply it is fun and I enjoy it. Why do some people collect stamps fun I guess. I have been cding a long time and have learned it is part of me and gives me a thrill. It is not something I do al the time but when I do it is fun.

  5. i all so feel feminine

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