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Crossdressers in Pantyhose and Heels

Crossdressers in pantyhose.Many crossdressers enjoy the feeling of dressing up in pantyhose and heels. It’s a great combination to make your legs look feminine and attractive. Pantyhose is a close fitting sheer hosiery with a denier (thickness) of 8 to 40 and covers the wearer’s body from the waist to the toes.

Wearing pantyhose is a fantastic way to not only beautify and feminizing your legs, but also to feel feminine & beautiful. Crossdressing in pantyhose and heels will make the legs look smooth, sexy & attractive.  Pantyhose are considered to be one of the most essential item of fem clothing in the wardrobe by many crossdressers.  Whether you go for sheer, opaque or dotted, they give a much more polished appearance to your legs.

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Crossdresser Daniella in pink prom dress

male to female transformation

leopard print dress and pantyhose


Nicole Crossdresser

male to female transformation

well dressed crossdressers

crossdresser in pantyhose and heels

well dressed crossdressers

crossdresser in pantyhose ad heels

beautiful crossdresser

cute crossdresser

Crossdresser dressed as secretary

Crossdresser Adri Kiss

Spanish crossdresser

Beautiful crossdresser Jennifer in mini skirt and heels

Beautiful crossdresser Jessica Qin

Kira crossdressing in blue dress and pantyhose

emily crossdressing in green dress

Crossdresser Heather in sequin dress

Erica Scott

Crossdresser in pantyhose and heels

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  1. I’ve crossdressed all my life. Always been my absolute favorite thing to do. Hated myself for liking it so much, needing to do it so much. Would have transitioned young if it had been possible to do, but it wasn’t. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for the ones you love. I look at what others gave sacrificed and mine was miniscule compared. I would have done anything to be female.

    1. I crossdress my mom started dressing me in little girl clothes I never stop dressing up it’s the only time I’m really happy

      1. That is so Kool, I have always wanted to wear femine clothing, did it twice. Luved it

  2. I love to wear to pantyhose and heels too.

  3. Worn pantyhose in the past but just had a passion come over me spent the last two days going to stores and buying lingerie knowing the clerk now knows I’m a crossdressr and I’m loving the rush. wearing my bra, panties and hose underneath my work clothes is such a rush I’m loving this, think it’s here to stay I’m drunk on this now I just need to learn to do make up and wigs SO EXCITED!!!!!

  4. All these girls look gorgeous in their tights. I prefer wearing tights to stockings as I feel more feminine in them. Any one else feel the same.

    1. I absolutely love the feel of sheer tights on my legs. Feels so feminine

      1. Hello Ladies Mandy and Francine,
        I’m like you, I much prefer my tights although I’ve tried stockings in the past but no, not my thing.
        I love wrapping my legs, buttocks and letting my pantyhose slide deep into my pretty slit. This replaces a thong or tongue since I put on a bodystring over my tights. I advise you to try ladies, it’s a very nice feeling.
        Ah yes, I never wear briefs, panties, it’s really useless and cumbersome.
        Wearing 2 pairs of this beautiful lingerie firmly compresses my buttocks…mmm I love it.
        I finish the whole thing with my shoes which go from ballerinas to pumps, etc.
        Finally, pantyhose paved my way which made me a transvestite who fell in love since my early childhood.
        Looking forward to reading you Ladies XXX

  5. Love to dress

  6. I can’t imagine wearing a form fitted Mini skirt without wearing pantyhose.

  7. They are all so very beautiful a true gift to this world only wish I was good enough to meet one of them they are all so very breathtaking

  8. Well when I first start wearing pantyhose as I thought it is rather very troublesome as due to the hot weather here, most of the ladies don’t like to wear but when u really first started to wear pantyhose, u will really love it & u will usually wear the pantyhose even u go to do some marketing or even go down to supermarket to buy some groceries etc, I have been wearing pantyhose since then till now & I can’t bear to take it out too

  9. Absolutely love wearing pantyhose. Feels so wonderful.

    1. I love wearing pump’s and pantyhose!!! There is No better feeling!!! Love to meet a sexy crossdresser with the same love for them!!

  10. I love wearing pump’s and pantyhose!!! There is No better feeling!!! Love to meet a sexy crossdresser with the same love for them!!

  11. I started crossdressing at 5, my mom and grandma let me and even helped a bit. When I was 8 I convinced my mom to let me wear tights. I complained when she got me black tights because I wanted pink ones. I finally convinced her to get white tights and pink tights for me and I was in heaven!

    I loved wearing tights with a dress or skirt but as I got older I wanted pantyhose so much! I was dressed like a little girl in tights but I wanted to be like a big girl and wear pantyhose.

    When I was 12 I bought a pair of L’eggs regular pantyhose in suntan. I was only 4’9″ and 75lbs do I got size A which was the smallest pantyhose available and hoped for the best. I put them on and I was in heaven. It was so amazing how I felt and I got so excited wearing them. I thought my legs looked amazing and I loved how the panty part covered everything. I wanted to show the boys how I looked but I was also ashamed of being like I was but I also couldn’t help the way I felt.

    When I was 14 I had grown a little taller and gained a little weight so I looked a little better so when I went to the 1974 Halloween party I decided to dress fully and go out in public as Charlotte for the first time. After all my boy friends got over the shock of seeing their friend as the new girl they told me I looked good and one even said “if you weren’t really Charlie I’d ask you out in a flash!” Later one of my friends pulled me into a corner and he told me I was turning him on and he couldn’t help it but he wanted to make out with me. I started shaking because I had wanted him all night and I told him “yes I’d like it if he wanted to”. I wanted him so much!

    He put his hands on the back of my thighs and ran them up to my butt and he said that the pantyhose I was wearing was what did it to him! We were both so hard that we could barely control ourselves. I just loved pantyhose so much and to think that because I was wearing them it made him want me was so amazing.

  12. I am on my knees in front of all you babes, wishing and hoping that you’ll uncross your legs for me!

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