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Crossdresser Tasks To Have A Great Time

Crossdresser Task to do

There are many lovely things to do as a crossdresser from dressing up in a cute outfit to going out shopping as a girl and many more. Here are few tasks you should definitely try out if you are a crossdresser.

Crossdresser Task 1: Get Exposed

Emilia Crossdresser
Walk inside the house in your feminine attire, open the curtains, look out the window, go to your balcony, and stroll in your garden. It is very enjoyable; the rush that you get from being exposed is really amazing. Click photos, selfies, and videos of your crossdresser self and you can show them to other new people.

You can post your photos and videos in different social medias and get the feeling that people will be watching your feminine images. It can feel very sexy when people compliment you for being the crossdresser  that you are.

Crossdresser Task 2: Walk in high heels most of the times.

Beautiful crossdresser in dress and heels

Walking in heels is harder than it looks. To have a proper walking sense is very important to pass as a girl/woman. Practice walking around the house in high heels.

Walk up and down the stairs, walk in the garden and on different types of floor. Make sure you get your feminine walks properly practiced before leaving the house.

Crossdresser Task 3: Go out in public.

Crossdresser Tasks To Have A Great Time

A true crossdresser must know the sensation of being exposed. You must experience how it feels when you are exposed and what it’s really like. Femininity is closely associated with being vulnerable and timid.

So wear high heels, the girly outfit you have and march outside. When someone sees you in your girly outfit, you will feel exposed, afraid, thrilled, excited and it is just a beautiful feeling that you must certainly experience to feel really feminine.

For many occasion you will put on different outfits, a pair of high heels or something that is hard to rush on and go out in public. The point is that you are wearing feminine attire so you have plenty of reason to feel shy and feminine.

After you are all dressed up, you can start going out in public by taking out the trash. You will experience the rush, excitement and vulnerability of being a woman. Go outside, walk the park, go shopping, enjoy the new girl/woman that you have become.

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  1. Wonderful plan, inspires me to take the next step.

  2. I am in faⅽt glad to gⅼance at this blog posts whicһ includes plenty of useful infοrmatіon, thanks for providing these
    қinds of information.

    1. I have already done all these Stela a longo time ago and it is very enjoyable. Every oportunity I have, I go out dressed, in high heels, wearing a dress or miniskirt. Now I look forward going out with a CrossDresser friend and experience new sensations!

  3. I totally agree with the article… It is such a rush and a wonderful mix of sensation to expose yourself as a woman… After many many years just doing it for myself and not sharing it with anybody, just a couple of years ago I started to open up a little… I have been in the street a few times, being watched and even interacting with some people, and all of them have been super exciting experiences… Also I have posted pictures and videos in different virtual media, and to receive the comments and compliments is simply addictive and absolutely amazing… I love it!

    1. Bonjour Jessica au mois de juillet de l’année passée je me suis lancée en travestie ,talons hauts jupes courtes bas porte jarretelle et j’étais toutes exciter les gens me regardaient et j’adore

  4. When I first started walking in heels, I would practice on a treadmill…only time my treadmill was ever used 🤔

  5. The bottom line is that I just want to be a woman.

    1. I like the idea of being both a man and a woman.

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