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Cross-dressing & Makeup Services in Italy by Viktoria Ryzhkova

Crossdressing service in ItalyCross-dressing by Viktoria Ryzhkova Hair & Make-up Studio is the first cross-dressing service in Milan, Italy. This fabulous crossdressing studio offers various types of cross-dressing, transformation services, and special packages for crossdressers & Tgirls. Located in Verbania, Italy, you will find all the possibilities to express your feminine side with their amazing services.

This cross-dressing studio is an elegant, bright and welcoming place for anyone wanting to transform himself express himself as a female and feel beautiful. The studio is very reserved and discreet, they pay close attention to the privacy of the clients and make them feel safe and secure in their quiet and private space.

Crossdressing studio in ItalyThe studio also offers make-up and dress rental services to people who love to dress up and to the transgender community, to help them realize their passion for dressing up and allow them to express themselves as a woman in a safe and secure place.

The Studio is run by Viktoria Ryzhkova, who is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. She mentions that Makeup has always been her passion and she specializes in elegant , artistic, crossdresser and transgender makeup. After receiving many requests for make-up services from crossdressers, she decided to dedicate a part of her work to the cross-dressing sector. She says her goal is to transform a man into an elegant and refined woman. A real woman, not an actor made up like a woman who has to put on a show.

Some of the Cross-dressing and Transformation services they offer are:Private makeup lesson for crossdressers

Private Makeup lessons

During this lessons, Viktoria teach all the techniques needed to apply makeup on your own. You will learn how to transform a male face into a sweet and fine female face, little secrets of applying makeup on men’s skin, from covering the beard halo , to the contouring technique , up to eye makeup and much, much more!

Crossdresser Photoshoot

Photoshoot set

In the studio they also offer the possibility of creating a photo book , totally customizable according to your needs. In this way you will conclude your journey into the female world by posing in the studio!

Crossdresser shopping

Personal shoppers

Take advantage of the personalized shopping service . With their assistance and support, you will be able to quickly find the right clothes, accessories and make-up, necessary to complete your personal style and enhance your feminine image.

Crossdressing Hair & Make-up studio

Rental of clothes and accessories

For the transgender and cross-dresser community, they offer a complete clothing and accessory rental service that will allow you to express yourself and feel like a woman in a fashionable, quiet and private environment.

Their wardrobe includes a collection of various types of clothing, from daywear, casual and informal, to eveningwear, more sexy and elegant. They also have shoes of all sizes and colors, wigs, corsets, tights, breastforms, hip prosthetics, and everything you need for your transformation.

Crossdressing Hair & Make-up studio by Viktoria-Ryzhkova

Other Special cross-dressing packages – “Belle Femme” package , Special packages including photo shooting, “Princess” package, “Queen” package.

Location: Verbania, ITALY

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