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Femme Name: Cristina Ioana

Location: London, UK

How long have you been Crossdressing: ” 15 years but starting to doing my makeup like 7-8 years ago. “

Say Something About your Crossdressing: ” The confidence is on higher level, im more open mind with everyone, smiling and forget about male troubles ! “

Reason you Crossdress: “When i was a kid my parents brokeup and since that time i was living with my mom. I learned everything from her and after that was more easy to live alone for 3-4 years and improving my skills. After that I moved with her in London 3 years ago and now I am still here and never give up with my dream!”


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crossdresser profile cristina.ioana


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  1. ciao cristina sei una stupenda fanciulla da ammirare molto e mi piaci molto ciao a presto un bacione grande

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