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Chotka Mondal – Boy to Girl Performer | Crossdresser

boy to girl - Chotka MondalChotka Mondal is a beautiful boy to girl performer / crossdresser from Kolkata, India. Chotka’s real name is Rakesh. He is famous for his boy to girl transformation videos in his TikTok channel – @chotkamondal .

boy to girl transformation Chotka Mondal Rakesh considers himself as a performer and beautician. He says he likes dressing up as a girl and making videos. His makeup and acting skills are really impressive. Many people are amazed by his boy to girl makeovers as well as his acting skills.

One of his fan Tamanna said “When I first watched Chotka Mondal’s videos, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how a boy could look so beautiful and natural as a girl. He even looks more beautiful than most girls. I really like his acting skills too. I have showed his videos to many of my friends & family and they have the same surprised reaction and can’t believe he is not a real girl.”

Photo Gallery:

Chotka Mondal - crossdresser

Chotka Mondal boy to girl

Chotka Mondal - Rakesh Rakesh

boy to girl makeup transformation

boy transformed into girl

boy to girl full body transformation

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  1. I wish I looked half as good at him. I love his tiktok videos, they are so nice to watch.. Everytime I watch his videos, I feel like crossdressing and do it better everytime.

  2. You make such a cute girl Rajesh. I would love to meet you someday if I could.

  3. Je suis une femme

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