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Chloe Dior – Stunning Drag Queen

Draq Queen Chloe Dior Looks like Barbie

Featuring the Stunning Drag Queen “Chloe Dior”

Some words by Chloe:

” Well I would say I at first as a drag queen thought I was gonna be the show queen, doing exciting performances and really giving a show girl entertainment. But as I grew more and more into drag, I realized I was a fashion girl even though I still wanna entertain.

I still wanna look polish almost like a doll that comes with a specific design making ever look unique but I choose to also be versatile, to wearing something Chanel inspired to 90s grunge.

I will never always want to stick to one style but I will when I’m in the mood. I’m always gonna be evolving myself in style and personality. I choose to be demure and outgoing because even though I don’t act super out there, I’m usually keeping to myself mainly because I have really bad anxiety.

But once I open up I can talk about video gaming to anime and I don’t mean the mainstream. I become greatly interested in many things, I’m always wanting to be liked and fun to talk too. I like to have as many friends as possible if I can.” – Chloe

Follow Chloe on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chloe_de_lamour/

Photo Gallery:

Draq Queen Chloe Dior Draq Queen Chloe Dior Looks cute Chloe Dior

Draq Queen Chloe Dior Looks like Princess Draq Queen Chloe Dior Looks like Barbie Draq Queen Chloe Dior Beautiful

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