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Charming Crossdresser Penny Ferrera

Crossdresser Penny FerreraPenny Ferrera is a charming crossdresser residing in South Carolina. Penny mentions that his journey into crossdressing developed from kinky roleplay when his wife decided to dress him up in a maid outfit one day.

Something just clicked in his head and he was hooked. Suddenly he had the urge to step things up and started crossdressing. Penny says he crossdress occasionally, loves to unleash his girly alter ego, and be someone way more exciting.

Follow Penny on Flickr: @PennyFerrera

Photo Gallery:

mature crossdresser

man dressed as woman

crossdresser in short skirt

mature crossdresser Penny

male to female full body transformation

crossdressing in boots

penny crossdressing in leopard print dress

Penny crossdressing in pantyhose and heels

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  1. So beautiful

  2. Absolutely wow with your look. I think I need help with mine as I could never look so good.

  3. Wow. Your look is very inspirational to someone like me who is just starting out.

  4. Very beautiful and pretty love your pictures and fashion

  5. We all have black pumps don’t we!

  6. Очень нравится, красивая

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