male to female transformation
Femme name: Charli

Location: Indianapolis, USA

How long you have been crossdressing : Since July 2020 I’ve started seriously dressing.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Crossdressing has been a wild ride for me. Probably like most people, I dabbled a little when young playing dress up with girls from school. I have always loved and had an eye for fashion/styles throughout my life. And exploring femme outfits and looks has been an exciting and rewarding exercise.

I’ve come a long way and learned so much about fashion choices, makeup and how much work women go through just for the sake of beauty. Trying out new outfits and techniques to constantly get that gorgeous “look” has been an exhilarating experience so far.

Reason you crossdress: Dressing up makes me feel feminine and sexy in a completely different way and it’s a lot of fun. I lean more as Genderfluid and I take masc/femme styles that just make me looking cooler in my opinion.

I think it is also important to normalize how anyone’s identity can vary on the gender spectrum. Especially with those who live it everyday in the LGBTQ+ community it’s important to show representation. Breaking down old, archaic societal norms amongst common people including my friends and peers is a goal of mine.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: Mostly enjoy taking a lot of photos, playing video games and other mundane things while at home. It has been fun to go out and enjoy the nightlife en femme. And I hope to gain more experiences doing so in the future.


Photo Gallery:

crossdresser Charlie in bodycon dress

crossdresser in red lingerie

crossdresser in sequin dress

crossdressing in pink dress

guy dressed as cat woman

crossdresser Charli

crossdresser taking selfie

man dressed as woman

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