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Caught Cross-dressed by Accident From Mom

caught crossdressing by motherSince as a young child I have always felt attracted towards feminine panties. I didn’t understand why I liked them possibly because girls wear them and I was lonely.

One day I decided to try on a pair of my mom’s silky panties along with a full slip and one of her nightgowns. I felt wonderful and sexy, even my little guy between my legs was stiff. I was very comfortable wearing my mother’s undergarments and nightgown. After prancing around for a while I laid down on the bed and fell asleep by accident.

I woke up from hearing a door slammed shut. As I opened my eyes my mom got a shot of me darting around the corner trying to hide from her seeing me. She walked into my room screaming at me to take off her clothes. I stripped her clothes off very fast as I thought I would be in big trouble with her and my dad.

Luckily my dad was understanding and told me that he used to do it when he was young too. After he was caught he promised to never do it again. I made that same promise that I wouldn’t wear my mom’s clothes anymore. I kept that promise but I was so addicted wanting to wear panties that I stole a pair from some of my friends sisters underwear.

I also took from some neighbors clotheslines late at night. I started growing quite a bit of a collection of panties. But multiple times my mom found my stash. She made me throw them away in the trash every time. My mother never trusted me again when it came to feminine underwear.

Now that I’m an adult I still love feminine undergarments. Even though I’m married I still enjoy feminine panties. I confessed to my wife about my urge to want to wear panties often. She accepted my fetish but isn’t a fan of it.

I cross-dress late at night in the basement while she sleeps upstairs. She told me she doesn’t want to see me wearing anything feminine around her. So to respect her wishes, I don’t show her when I do cross-dress. None of my family members know except my mom and dad and I think a couple of my friends noticed but don’t say anything about it. I’m to embarrassed to go out in public dressed as a woman. So I don’t go outside ever.

Submitted by Jamie Anderson

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  1. Hello,
    The story of your life is the same for me. My wife is like yours. She don’t want to see me in women clothes. So I do it in secret when she is not at home.
    I will be happy to discuss about that with you!
    Kisses 😘

    1. I have the same problem with my wife, she does not approve so I have to dress when she leaves the condo. Her family in the Philippines knows that I crossdress and they all approve.

    2. we are all in the same journey have to keep our girly sside secret love to know more are out there hugs sisters

    3. Exactly with me ,I wish my wife understood

  2. When I was much younger, I would steal clothes and makeup from both my big sister and my mother. I loved the naughtyness of wearing female clothes. I actually wanted the humiliation that would come from my exposure as a sissy by the women in our family. I was never fully “exposed” but I think both ladies knew. I can say this because every Halloween since I was 14 the two of them would go all out to ensure that I looked extremely female from the skin out. It was always including shaving my body totally of hair, shaping my eyebrows in exstreme arches and using lots of dark red lipstick to match the polish put on my fingers and toes. Of course I would have to deal with no hair on my body, traces of makeup and waiting for my eyebrows to grow back. School was a bit humiliating to say te least. Yeah, they knew.

  3. Loved your story ❤️ Though luck with your mom, I think she could have been more understanding.. Yeah the women who like their man being dressed up are probably very few (but there are some) and we have to respect that too. Still she lets you do it, so that’s cool!

  4. I like your story
    Mine is similar to yours

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