Cassie Cinnamon

Crossdresser Cassie

Femme name: Cassie Cinnamon

Location: Northern England

How long you have been crossdressing : I got my first clothes at 18 but only started dressing up in full with wigs and makeup at 21, I’m now 23

Say something about your crossdressing experience: It’s been an interesting journey, I always had a curiosity to try women’s clothes growing up and eventually this led to a growing collection of clothes that I used to wear in private when I was at uni. I did a lot of soul searching into why it was that I wanted to crossdress and what I found was that the reason was not necessarily clear or important, and that I should just do it if I enjoyed it so long as it didn’t hurt anyone.

The turning point was after I listened to audiobooks by Eddie Izzard and Robert Webb, who helped me understand that I could wear women’s clothing and be less of a conventional ‘man’ and still be a guy in my own right.

I became less embarrassed about this side of me and took to social media to express my feminine side, eventually telling close friends and even family. Nowadays I enjoy meeting up with other likeminded individuals as part of Gendershake, but have developed a close group of friends I go out with dressed up in between the events too.

I dress up normally once or twice a month and am perfectly content with doing this. I have a loving and supportive girlfriend who I can’t thank enough for being there and loving me unconditionally.

Reason you crossdress: I think women’s fashion is way more fun than men’s, and I think it’s healthy for a guy to be in touch with his feminine side once in a while. I’ve made a great network of friends through doing it and it’s just generally quite a freeing thing to be involved with

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Cassie Cinnamon

Crossdresser Cassie

Crossdresser Cassie Forever

crossdresser cassie

crossdresser cassie

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  1. You look great in black pàntyhose and shorts

  2. I like how you look and dress so much. Wish one day i look just as beautyfull as you.💋

  3. Goddamn those legs!

  4. Tres jolie

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