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Briony Tucker

Briony Tucker
Femme name: Briony Tucker
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
How long you have been crossdressing : On and off since my early teenage years, but I’ve always been into all kinds of dressing up.
Say something about your crossdressing experience:  I’m very much a part time crossdresser and I feel lucky that I can explore that side of me as and when I want.

Reason you crossdress: For me crossdressing is a wonderful way to express parts of my personality that aren’t often on display. I also really love dressing up of all kinds and looking into the mirror seeing someone so different to the usual me looking back is quite a thrill.

Photo Gallery:

mature crossdresser
mature crossdresser mature crossdresser

mature crossdresser male to female makeover
Crossdresser Briony Tucker mature crossdresser
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  1. You look gorgeous! I am in AUK but still in the closet. Just love the satin underwear, stockings and bodycon dresses, best wishes X

  2. Great legs! 💋 v sexy X

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