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Boys Transformed Into Girls in Womanless Beauty Pageant

boy transformed into beautiful girl

Womanless beauty pageant is a special event in which boys are dressed as girls and made to compete in a beauty contest. In this pageant, the girls transform the boys into beautiful girls and teach them feminine manners and body movements.

Theses types of beauty pageant are usually held in schools and colleges of United States, mostly for charity and awareness programs.  Here are some of the best boy to girl transformations as seen in Womanless Beauty Pageants.

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  1. beautiful.

  2. Interesting, fascinating..

  3. Awesome. Live this and would lo to do this

  4. Showing the boy before his transformation would be nice. Also make him much more sexy, thus more appealing to the judges. If he is more appealing the better his chances of winning the pageant. Good photography though.

  5. This would be amazing.. Girls dressing me up in a pretty prom dress.. Feeling and looking so pretty and feminine

  6. Some very stunning and sexy looking ‘girls’, I am sooo envious, thank you for sharing, x

  7. pretty little sissies! “such good boys” !
    nice for the wave of the future.

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