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Boys Dressed as Cute girls

boy dressed as girl

Some boys can really look like real girls if they get a nice makeover. Younger boys can instantly look like cute girls if they wear a nice dress and hair wig. Many people enjoy seeing boys dressed as cute girls specially many sisters and mothers around the world.

Usually older sisters dress their younger brother as girl just to see how he would look as a girl and many of them get shocked by the result. Here are some fabulous pictures of guys dressed as Cute girls.

Boys Dressed as Cute Girls

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  1. So cute, so lucky 💕

  2. I wish they had this when I was in high school!

    1. Eric, you may always practice cross with your peers as long as you chose the right chaps to play with… sodomy is allowed afterwards, when you’re alone evaluating your trip with a glass in your hands and a wish between your legs. I hope you enjoy it, if you wish you may let me know how it went. I’m a good hearing pal. Try me.

  3. Boys today are so lucky they can dress as girls and they are accepted by everyone. In my day (60s/70s) it wasn’t allowed and to be done secretly.

    1. If it ws accepted in 65, my life would have been a lot different. LOL

    2. so right had to wait till i was home alone, my mom had a pair of pink strapy heels that i loved to wear

      be 15 smoked some weed witha friend would of loved to suckhi cock and gotten fucked but it was a no no back then

  4. Super cute pics 🤩 I’ma advent cross dresser in my spare time and most of the time I’m playing dress up in my sister’s walk in closet . Perfect breeding grounds to become sissified . My sister used to dress me up when I was going thru puberty and she always made me feel comfortable being in girl mode so I did just that. I dress 90% of the time and just starting to get into makeup but my sister auriana wants me to wear fake breasts to give me some cleavage. Love love being a girl, a sissy for my sister to blackmail me into doing stuff with her .

    1. Andrea, admirable honesty. Keep on this way and you will find your right daddy to take care of you and satisfy all your desires. Never mind your sis. Care just for yourself. Let me know how, I may have brewing some ideas to resolve this situation.

  5. Tutti bellissimi. Li ammiro. A me piacciono molto i grembiuli da cucina e li metto sempre

  6. I dressed up as a girl in my elementary school. Everyday I felt so happy but one thing I had my eye sight compromised

    1. Ken you may remind yourself of those days, perhaps alone with your boy, in order to enjoy it further. Try it and let me know, svp.

  7. Absolutely fabulous!!! 🤪🥰😘

  8. So n ice to see Girls clothes on boys why have we been waiting for so long, there is absolutely nothing wrong with boys is skirts or dresses they all look fabulous and the world is still round and the sun still gets up in the morning. Go for it.

  9. Makeovers look o.k. but need much more sex appeal.

  10. Wow … I don’t want to be creepy or pervy here so I will take the higher road. This looks like a HS event and big applause to having something like this for the human acceptance and big applause to the boys who stepped up to dress. They look great and what a cool event that was. Our younger generation will be soooo much more accepting of this stuff going forward. I bet this was fun for all who attended.

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