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Boy Dressed as Girl For Womanless Beauty Pageant

Boy Dressed as Girl For Womanless Beauty Pageant

Womanless Beauty Pageant is a popular beauty contest held in many schools and colleges of the United States. This beauty Pageant is usually held for charity & awareness motives. This beauty pageant is very unique because in this beauty contest, the boys are dressed as girls and made to compete with one another for the title.

The judges are usually girls and they decide which of the boys look the prettiest as girls.  Many girls participate to give boys a complete makeover into a beautiful girl and teach him feminine manners as well. Here are some lovely photos from the Womanless Beauty Pageant held in different schools & colleges.

Boys Dressed as Girls in Womanless Beauty PageantBoy dressed as girls in womanless beauty pageant

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  1. Are there any WOMANLESS PAGENTS in the UK?

  2. Very good. How can one find out about woman less pageants in their area? Once again, good picture taking.

  3. These girls are oh so pretty as a senior crossdresser I can appreciate them 💋❤

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