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Best Hairstyles for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women

Best Hairstyles for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women

Good Hair enhances look and nothing can boost your appearance like a fabulous hairstyle. A good hairstyle will not only make you look great, it will also help to flatter your facial and overall body image. Long healthy hair has often been linked to femininity and being attractive since ages.
For crossdressers and trans women who really want to achieve a lovely feminine appearance, a nice hairstyle/ hair wig is a must. If you don’t have longer hair, you can invest in a good quality hair wig which are available in many different styles like curly, straight or wavy style etc. Ranging from synthetic hair wigs to real human hair wigs, there are a lot of options to choose from. High quality hair wigs can also be styled as per required.

So, selecting a nice hair wig for yourself will definitely help you look prettier and more feminine. Buy the best quality hair wig that you can afford (at least above $30 ). Cheap hair wigs will never be able to enhance your looks to your best level. To pick the perfect hair wig, browse through different collection of hair wigs and if possible, try out different hair wigs in person. 
Discover the best hairstyles for crossdressers and transgender women in this article. These style tips apply whether you wear a hair wig or have your own natural hair.
When it comes to styling, longer hairs are a bit harder to manage than short or medium hair. But no matter the hair length, you can achieve stunning results depending on how you style it. Short hair can look gorgeous on most face shapes if it is styled correctly.
Keep in mind that length around your face is going to help create a more feminine looking hairstyle. Here are some hair styles that will help to enhance your feminine image further. 
1) Long Feminine Hairstyles
Long hair does take more time to style and require more products to ensure it stays in place. For some people, this might seem like a bit of a mission but the end result is worth it! Long feminine hairstyles with side-swept bangs have been in style for many years and will continue for many more years to come. They are sexy and also add a mystery vibe to your looks.
long feminine hair style

2) Loose Waves
Loose waves is a style that everyone recognizes and is a great way to look fem & beautiful. You are going to need to use a bit of hairspray to lock in the waves. Loose waves style give off a more carefree kind of feel to the hairstyle which is nice to have.
Loose Waves Hairstyle

3) Bangs
Well placed bangs can shape your face to perfection and is one of the best accessories that you can have for your long or short hair. Bangs are a great option since they draw attention to your eyes while hiding a prominent brow ridge.
Straight bangs can highlight angular facial features, so go for soft, side swept bangs instead. Side-swept bangs are a great way to bring a feminine touch to your hairstyle. Play around with this hairstyle, wearing the rest of your hair down or up, straight or curly. 

4) Layers
Layered hairstyles tend to be much more flattering and adds a fresh look. Face framing layers soften your features and add texture and volume to your hair.
Layered Hairstyle

5) Soft waves
Soft waves add volume to your hair, making thin hair appear fuller. Soft wavy hair will balances out strong facial features and a larger body frame. It will give out a really classic look and is one of the most natural looking as well. It’s perfectly suitable for any occasion or season, whether you want more relaxed waves or more fuller ones.
Soft Waves

7) Shoulder length hair
Shoulder length hair is the best option if you have a strong jawline and thick neck. Shoulder length hair is very feminine and is also easy to maintain.
Shoulder Length Hairstyle

8) Side parts
Side parts are more flattering and can be worn by just about anybody with any face shape. Middle parts can be tricky since they make your face look longer and highlight your nose and chin. 
Side part hairstyle

9) Highlights
Highlights will brighten your face and look refreshing than just a single block of color. There are lots of options besides blonde highlights so try new colors.
highlights hairstyle

10) Short Feminine Hairstyles
Feminine hairstyles aren’t just for those with long hairs, short hair can also boast a girly look with the right kind of styling and is super easy to maintain as well.

Short Feminine Hairstyles

11) Flicks and Curls
Flicks and curls can help make your hairstyle gentler around your face but you will need to use some hairspray to ensure that they stay in place throughout the day. Adding the flicks and curls around your face will provide an extra feminine touch by giving softness to your facial features.
Flicks and curls
Make sure when you add your flicks that you style it away from your face to help open up your face. If you want to make your face look smaller and more hidden then you can try making your flicks face inwards.

12. Side Ponytail
A side ponytail will add a lovely feminine touch to your appearance and give you the chance to show off your locks to their best advantage. A ponytail on the side also gives an illusion that you hair is down, yet it is all maintained in one place.
Side Ponytail
This feminine hairstyle works best with off-the-shoulder outfits. Be sure to pick the side that either goes with your hair part or your attire. You can also play with this style by having your hair pin straight, wavy, or curly. 

13) Pixie Bob or Neck-Length Bob. 
A modern trendy bob haircut that works well with a side parting and angled front strands. So chic!
Pixie Bob

14) Asymmetrical Haircut. 
Different lengths of the asymmetrical haircut look intriguing and gives out a very sophisticated looks. If you want to go for bolder looks, try this. 
asymmetrical hairstyle
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  1. – we likely can not see what we don’t know
    – I have recently began to harvest the fruit of a disciplined effort to grow my hair long
    – it has been, is and will be. . . a journey as a destination
    – yes, a bit of a mission. . . and WOW!!!!
    – the attention to the layering effect accentuated a wave effect
    that for me optimized the silver white shean of my shoulder length locks
    — since reviewing this article I have started to play with a side pony tail
    – thus I now notice opportunities that I did not notice before
    Heart felt thanks

  2. I am resuming my transition after pausing for about six years. My hair is just about ear length and I want to be able to maintain a nice look without much use of chemicals. I am kind of short at five feet four inches tall and a bit full figured oh and 58 going on 59. My hair was auburn reddish brown, but now is gray with some auburn highlights.

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