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Best Boy to Girl Transformation Videos

Boy to Girl Transformation

Here are some of the best boy to girl transformation videos that will completely surprise you. The young generation today are quite talented when it comes to styling and makeup. Boys who like to dress up as girls have more freedom and also access to lot of amazing makeup products and outfits that helps them achieve fabulous transformations.

Here are 5 Best Boy to Girl Transformation Videos.

No.1 Jake Warden Turns Himself into a Girl

Jake Warden is a Youtuber who loves to make fun beauty and lifestyle videos including lots of MAKEUP!!! In this video, he transforms himself into a beautiful girl with his amazing makeup skills.

No.2. Kaisha Viloria Transforms her Brother into a Cute girl

Kaisha is a makeup artist and in this video, she transforms her brother into a girl. The final result is quite surprising and her brother does look like a real girl in the end.

No.3 Mikee Hidalgo Transforms himself into a gorgeous girl

In this video, Mikee shows a pageant makeup routine from start to finish and the end result is simply stunning.

No.4. Barbie Boi transforms himself into Real Barbie

Saeed (also known as Barbie boi) is popular for his reviews on trending beauty products and fashion. In this video, he transforms himself into a beautiful girl and looks like a real barbie too.

No.5. Supin Turns himself into a Cute girl

In this video Supin does makeup by himself and transforms from a boy into a really cute girl. He looks good as a boy but its amazing how beautiful he actually looks as a girl.

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  1. Bonjour je suis un homme dans un corps de femme, cela fait 30 ans que je m’habille en fille, j’ai ressenti cette envie à l’âge de 15 ans environ. Maintenant je commence à avoir de la poitrine et mon corps a changée un peu.

  2. je suis un garçon, mais j’ai toujours envie d’être une fille d’abord pour les dessous puis pour porter des robes ou des jupes, j’aime me maquiller et ressembler a une fille. je mets des soutiens gorge , des gaines culotte, des collants , puis des robes, là, je me sens bien et je sors dans la rue; personne ne me remarque , je suis vraiement une fille j’aime ma jupe qui frotte sur mes collants j’aime tout ce qui est féminin, je voudrais avoir un sexe feminin .

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