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Best Body Shaper Products for Crossdressers & Transgender Women

Best body shaper products for crossdressersIf you are wondering whether it’s possible to have feminine curves or an hourglass figure even if you are built like a rectangle?

The answer is absolutely YES!

It is entirely possible to create a convincing feminine figure using the right body shaper products (also called body shapewear). There are many fantastic body shaper products available for crossdressers & transgender women which can help to get curves in all the right places to create a convincing female silhouette or an hourglass figure.

If you are new to body shapewear or need a refresher, this article is going to help you know more about some amazing body shaper products for crossdressers and trans-women.

There is quite significant differences between a male and female body shape, distinctly in the bust, waist, and hip area. Women have more curves – wider hips, defined waistline, bust, while men usually have a wider body frame, broader shoulders, and narrower hips.male vs female body shapeGetting the curves in the right areas can be a bit tricky for crossdressers – but the right body shapers can make it completely achievable. Not only do these handy shapewear lift and tone you down in all the right places, but they can enhance your figure in an instant. Body shapers can help you look and feel your best.

Tip: To ensure your body shaper products delivers the best results, buy them in your correct measurement/size to obtain a more proportional & natural feminine figure.

These are the Best Body Shaper Products to Buy:

1. Corsets

Corsets are amazing body shapewear which is great for instantaneous slimming down of your waist to create a desirable curvy figure. These structured garments are perfect to remove inches off your waist and flatten your stomach, no matter what your body type is. A corset can offer a 3 to 6 inches waist reduction when fully clinched, making you look and feel ultra-feminine.

Corsets for crossdressers

Front and Back view of a Corset

You can achieve a classic hourglass silhouette with the help of corsets. They also help to improve your posture which will give you a huge confidence boost.

Shop here: Corsets for Body Shaping

Tip: When you are buying a corset, it may be tempting to size down and get a smaller size to clinch down your waist to get dramatic results. But it will likely result in bulging and will be very uncomfortable to wear. So, pick the right size according to your body measurement to obtain better results.

2. Silicone Thigh Pads

Silicon Thigh Pads also referred to as Hip pads or Hip enhancers, are the perfect solution for adding a little extra cushion to your hip and thigh area to obtain lovely feminine curves. Designed to be worn under clothing, they can instantly add extra inches to your hips. They also help to make your waist appear smaller, creating a realistic hourglass figure.

Best Body Shaper Products

Model wearing Silicone Thigh Pads

Thigh Pads can add up to 1 ½ inch per thigh while wearing them. They can also be worn in combination with Bum pads to achieve a more curvy figure. Some Thigh Pads are also available in Self-adhesive backing (attachable) that can be worn without any support like the Jolie Attachable Silicone Thigh Pads.

Shop Here: Silicone Thigh Pads

Tips: To create an hourglass figure, you will need your waist size to be 6-8″ less than your overbust and hips.

3. Silicone Bum Pads

Silicone Bum Pads also called Butt Pads, are used to instant lift and shape your booty & hips. They help in creating the illusion of a lovely feminine figure with curvy hips and a round, full bottom. Similar to the Hip pads, they are also designed to be worn under clothing and can help to add up to 5 inches to your total hip measurement, making your bum look bigger and curvy.

Silicone Bum Pads

Model wearing Silicone Bum Pads

Silicone Bum Pads offer a very realistic feel & appearance and can definitely ‘move’ quite similar to natural booty. They certainly are a cost-effective way to add a few inches to your booty and raise your confidence.

Shop Here: Silicone Bum Pads

Tips: To create an hourglass figure, try to keep your figure size such that your overbust (measurement of the fullest part of the bust) and hips size are approximately the same.

4. Breast Forms:

Breast Forms are probably the most important body shaper when it comes to achieving a natural feminine appearance. With the right pair of breast forms, you will be able to maximize your male-to-female transformation and put together your feminine look.

Breast forms are the perfect enhancement to boost your feminine image by building beautiful curves to achieve a natural-looking figure. There are many kinds of breast forms to choose from – Some provide a nice feminine shape while some breast forms really move, feel, and look like real breasts. So, you can choose according to your preference but make sure to choose the right size for the best transformation results.

Check our complete fitting guide: How to Choose the Right Breast Forms for You

Shop Here: Breast Forms for Crossdressers

Tip: If you have broad shoulders, go for bigger size breast forms to balance out your shoulders. But make sure you don’t go “too large”. Always focus on maintaining the right proportion for best transformation results.

5. Padded Panties

Padded panties are a convenient and easy way to have a better booty. This handy shapewear are designed to add curves to your bottom while also flattening your tummy.  Padded panties can add up to 3 inches to the booty for a more voluptuous shape.

Padded panties for crossdressers

Model wearing padded panty

Padded panties are a great option if you need a boost in your bottom area. This shapewear conforms to your body to give you the curves you want and make your booty look bigger. You can wear padded panties throughout the day under your favorite outfits without any discomfort.

Shop Here: Padded Panties

6. Crossdresser Gaffs

Crossdresser Gaff is an undergarment that looks similar to a thong or G-string. With a unique design, gaffs are ideal for tucking and help to minimize the appearance of masculine “bulge”. This shapewear is quite efficient in creating a flatter, smoother front area to give you a more flat feminine shape.

Crossdresser Gaffs

Crossdresser Gaffs

If you are planning to wear a gaff for tucking, do some research on tucking. Make sure you’re arranging & adjusting in the safest and securest way to avoid any discomfort.

Shop Here: Gaffs for Tucking

7. Best Plunging Bodysuit

This smoothing bodysuit help to tuck in unwanted bulges in the body, smoothen your figure and offer a seamless look. It is an excellent option to give your body a flattering appearance.

best bodysuit

Front and Back view of Bodysuit

This bodysuit features a plunging neckline which means you can comfortably wear any type of low cut tops or dresses with style. Made from lightweight shaping fabric, it is super comfortable to wear. It also features adjustable, convertible straps that can be adjusted according to your fashion needs.

Shop Here: Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

If you have any questions or feedback related to body shaper products, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I have always wondered how some crossdressers are able to have such a feminine body and now I know how. Definitely going to buy a hip pad and bum pad for my crossdressing.

  2. I have been using the Aphrodite Breast Forms by The Breast Form Store for a few weeks now. I have to say they are the best breast forms that I ever brought. When I put them on, the sensation is amazing. Very pleased with it.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your articles and looking around the site, in general, I found it extremely helpful and informative. I just wanted to say that I have reviewed quite a lot of products on my youtube channel ( such as corsets, silicone hips etc which might be of interest to you and or viewers of your site.

    1. Thank you so much Sophie. Your channel is amazing and definitely a great help for crossdressers. We really appreciate what you are doing.

  4. I just ordered a pair myself.. would you be willing to answer a few questions and give me a thorough review? I’d really appreciate it
    Kik- th3munch
    Snap- cadence_hea2020

    1. Which Product did you order Maxine?

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