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Becoming a Girl for a Night Out

Becoming a girl for night out

This is my story about a night out dressed as a girl . Since a kid, I have always been drawn to feminine outfits. I remember having a strong fascination for dresses that my younger sister used to wear when I was probably 7 or 8 years old.

I started crossdressing out of a strong curiosity to know how it felt to be a girl and wear cute outfits.  The first outfit I tried on was my sister’s pink frock and ever since then I have been crossdressing on and off. It was after a few years of sneaking into my sister’s room to try her cute outfits, that one day an opportunity came by where I would be home alone for a whole day and night.

My sister was going to have a sleepover in her friend’s house and mom & dad were going to attend some kind of business conference. I was super excited for this opportunity as I had only dressed inside my sister’s room. Having the whole house to myself , I could finally move around dressed as a girl. I kept on planning what I wanted to do for this day and I decided to order a nice hair wig that I had in my online wish-list for so long.

I got the package delivered to me during the time my parents were not in the house. I was so excited to try on the hair wig. It took a while to figure out how to wear it but when I was finally able to put it on properly, I couldn’t believe how cute I looked in the mirror.

When the day arrived, I was already having butterflies in my stomach. After lunch, my parents left with my sister to drop her off in her friend’s house. After they had left, I rushed to my sister’s room to wear  her outfits. I opened her closet and I was so happy that I could now try some of her lovely dresses and outfits.

I browsed through her outfits and it was so much fun deciding what to wear. I found some of her bra and panties too. I figured I had enough time to wash them after wearing them, for my sister to not find out that I was wearing them.  I selected a white padded bra and a pink ruffled panty to wear. Next, I took out few of her cute dresses, some nice tops and a black skater skirt.

I then undressed my boy clothes and put on the bra and panty first. Then, I put some tissues inside the cup of the bra to get some nice feminine shape. It was amazing how feminine it felt to wear a bra and panty. After admiring myself in the mirror for a few minutes, I picked up a yellow top and skater skirt and put them on. It felt so lovely to wear them and I felt like a girl.

Then I went to my room to put on the hair wig. My boy to girl transformation was finally complete and I felt so cute and fem. I looked at the mirror and I just couldn’t believe how cute I looked as a girl. I couldn’t stop admiring myself in the mirror.

Next thing, I wanted to try on some of my sister’s heels. I found few of her shoes and there was this white heels that looked so beautiful. I tried them on, it was a bit small but I managed to get my feet in them. I stood up and it was electric, I was mesmerized by how these heels were making me feel.

I walked around to get a bit used to wearing heels. It was quite hard than I had thought. But my legs just looked so amazing in these heels. I got out of the room and into the hall way, the sound of heels was so nice to hear. I felt so much fun being able to walk openly. As excited I was, I was also feeling really nervous, even when knowing I was all alone in the house.

Then slowly, I walked down the stairs into the living room downstairs. It was quite tricky to walk down the stairs in heels and it took me a while to get down, one step at a time. After I finally reached the living room, I sat down on the couch for a while and though about what I should do next. I looked at the time and it was around 3 pm. I decided to walk around inside the house and take a few pics & videos with my phone.

After a while, I lost track of time while taking pics and videos of myself around the house that when I looked at the time, it was already 5 o clock. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I made a sandwich and it felt so different to sit down on the dinner table and eat while I was dressed like a girl. This was all an incredible experience for me. I really wished I could transform into a real girl and always dress as a girl.

I lived in a quite neighborhood and our closest neighbors were an old couple who barely used to go out. There is a small park right around the corner and I started having a strong desire to go out in public dressed as a girl. Would it  be safe and what if anyone recognized me?, but I knew this was a great chance to go out as a girl and experience what it is like. I decided to try and wait until it was a bit dark to go outside.

I went back to my sister’s room and changed into one of her dresses. This time I picked a white bodycon dress which I thought was the cutest dress to try. I put it on and I simply loved how the dress wrapped around my body, giving me a very nice feminine appearance.

I took some more photos and videos of myself in that dress. I was still wearing the white heels and I loved the complete look that I had. While I was searching for some makeup to wear, I found a lovely neck-chain and I put it on too. I thought it looked cute and matched the dress I was wearing.

I found  a pink lip gloss and applied it in my lips. It smelt like cherry and tasted funny but I liked it. It was around 6:30 pm and it started looking dark outside. I felt it was the right time to finally experience a night out as a girl.

I checked myself in the mirror if everything looked good and walked out of the room. I started feeling very nervous as I walked downstairs. I would be completely exposed outside and what if someone notices that I was not actually a girl. I started having a lot of questions in my head.

As I was figuring out whether or not I should go out, the phone rang and I jumped with fright. It was just mom calling. I picked up the phone and talked with her for a while and assured her I will have dinner on time. After I hung up the phone, I looked at the time. It was already 7 pm. I looked outside the house and it was now getting pretty dark and I made up my mind to go out.

I grabbed the keys and my phone and slowly walked towards the front door. I felt my legs shaking and my heart starting to beat very fast. I was nervous as hell. I managed to open the door and look around. I got out finally and as I was locking the door, a car passed by and I almost had a heart attack. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. But I wanted to know how it felt walking around outside as a girl so I carried on.

I gather some courage and started walking towards the park, trying to walk as girly and slowly as I could. After walking for a bit, I started feeling less nervous and enjoy a bit being out in the open. But every time I heard a car coming by, I would get very nervous. I managed to reach the park and luckily it was empty.  I started taking photos and videos all the time being very cautious if anyone was around or if anyone was looking at me. The whole time I was very conscious of my look, something I had never experience before but it was so liberating.

After 15- 20 mins of walking around and taking pics, I heard a few people approaching and I got pretty nervous again. I made a quick glance to see who they were and they were some high school boys and girls. As they came closer, I pretended to be busy with my phone. The whole time they walked by me, I had my face glued to the mobile screen and my heart was beating like crazy. After I could hear them fading in the distant, I finally looked up and check again if anyone was coming near me or looking at me.

I took some more pics and videos and decided to head back home. As I was getting out of the park, I saw a guy walking in my direction. My legs started to shake again and I tried to be a bit more brave but I couldn’t look up while walking towards him. He started getting closer and closer and when he was right next to me, I looked up at him and he was staring at me and gave a smile. That made me give out a smile too and I couldn’t stop blushing. I just tried walking straight as fast as I could to reach home.

Finally, I arrived at the house and rushed inside. I checked from the window if the neighbors might be looking but there was nobody. I felt exhausted, took of the heels and crashed at the couch. What a great adventure I just had. I couldn’t believe I got to go outside as a girl and experience the sensation. One of the best time ever in my crossdressing journey so far.

Submitted by Christina

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  1. I am trying to be a Crossdresser in Nottingham UK I have readed your story . What tips you could give the confidence to try it and to experince it. I wished i was born a girl . When my mum used to go out i go in to my Mums and dads Bedroom and take out Womens clothing out of her Wardroble and put them on and tried on pair of Ladies BLK Lether Shiney High Heel shoes and put on Womens Jewerly on and started to walk like a woman. I now put on face cream on my wonderful face and i put on Foundation on my face and i put on my figer nails Clear Nail Polish and Hand cream on womanie hands and i shave under my arms and my Beauiful body and wonderful long silk legs and i put on Woman”s products to make me feel like a Woman I would like to try on Ladies high heel shoes again and try on Lether High Boots for the first time but I m having trouble finding a website so i can purchase some in my size 11 can you help me to purchase them please and tell me where in the UK i can purchase them.

    1. Try pleaser USA (the brand) American sizes are not the same so I usually get size 13 USA for 11 uk, but I imagine it depends where you buy from.

  2. I’ve been dressing up and making outfits since I was like 16 with my lesbian friend she dressed me up and Did my makeup nails and dyed my hair and I fell in love but I keep it a secret dressing up when off work and go out and find guys at the clubs I’m 31 know and started hormones for my voice and my breast lost everything all my outfits makeup heels lingerie etc ,wen I got hurt never got to back to my work an my apparment so looking to start buying dresses 👗 miniskirts makeup I love going out feeling like a woman and dressing up with other Crossdressers and going out with my boo or boos who love feeling like a woman.

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