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Barbie Boi – Boy Who Looks Like a Barbie Girl

Barbie Boi

Barbie Boi  is a gorgeous boy to girl crossdresser from West Hollywood California. Barbie is also a YouTuber and makes beauty and fashion, as well as random life videos.

Barbie Boi’s real name is Saeed Wahab and many consider him as a boy who looks like a Barbie girl. When he dresses as a girl, he does look incredibly beautiful like a Barbie and could easily pass as a real girl.

boy to girl transformation

His YouTube channel “Barbie Boi” focuses on reviews on trending beauty products and fashion. He also sew and make all of his clothes. He creates videos on his outfit creations and putting different looks together.

” A lot of people think I should transition but I am not actually trans. I am very happy in the body that I was born into. I just like to wear girly things and look very feminine. I love the feminine aesthetics but at the same time, I don’t want an actually a female body. I am very happy being in a male’s body and being able to jump back and forth, you know.. I can be a girl one day and a boy one day,  its fun for me.” – Barbie Boi

Check out Barbie Boi’s Youtube Channel:

Photo Gallery:

Boy who looks like Barbie girl

boy transformed into girl

Barbie Boi - Saeed Wahab

boy to Barbie girl

boy dressed as girl

boy dressed as a girl

Boy to girl full body transformation

Barbie Boi - Saeed Wahab

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  1. Such a beautiful girl! 😘

  2. Hey how you doing cutie keep up the good work you look absolutely gorgeous

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