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Bambi – CoverGirl of the Week ( May)

Crossdresser of the weekFeaturing the beautiful and stylish crossdresser Bambi as our CoverGirl of the Week for May.

Some words by Bambi:

“When I was growing up I always half-wanted to be a girl. I liked boy things but I also hung out with the cool girls and was always instant best friends with every tomboy I met. Sometimes people would mistake me for a girl, and it always used to make me so mad because I also half-wanted to be manly, like Indiana Jones or Rambo (as if, haha).”

“I’ve always worn girls clothes my whole life but always as a shameful secret so I’m really grateful for today’s era of trans acceptance where I can share my looks and lame jokes with people who don’t think it’s weird lol.”

“Also one time at school my teacher got mad at me because I “walk around like I own the place”, which basically sums me up pretty well, except he said it like it was a bad thing..” – Bambi

Follow Bambi on Instagram: @Bambi

Photo Gallery:

Crossdresser in white bodycon dress

Crossdresser in mini skirt

male to female transformation

man to woman transformation blonde crossdresser

crossdresser male to female transformation

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