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Asther Oren – Boy to Girl Makeup Transformation

boy to girl transformationAsther Oren is a content creator from Iloilo City, Philippines. His TikTok channel @astheroren has 345.6K Followers and 7M Likes in total. He is popular for making boy to girl makeup transformation videos, Makeup tutorial videos and Dance videos.

Asther is very skilled with makeup and it is evident from his boy to girl transformations, how good he really is. His transformation into a girl is so incredibly convincing and he looks so pretty as a girl. Many people have reacted that they had mistaken him for a real girl when they first watched his videos.

boy transformed into girl

Follow Asthen on Instagram: @ashteroren

Photo Gallery:

Asther Oren - Boy to Girl Makeup Transformation

Asther Oren - Boy to Girl Makeup Transformation

boy dressed as cute girl

boy turns into girl

boy transform into beautiful girl

boy to girl transformation

boy transform into girl

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  1. WOOWW looking good

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