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Aphrodite Breast Forms Review – A New More Realistic Breast Forms

Aphrodite Breast Forms Review

We had a lovely chance to try the Aphrodite Breast Forms of Divine Collection Series from The Breast Form Store.  In this post, we will be sharing our complete review of this wonderful product.

A bit about the Aphrodite Breast Forms:

Aphrodite Breast Forms are the premium range of breast forms offered by The Breast Form Store. They are the first breast form marketed under the Divine collection line, called Aphrodite, named after the goddess of love.

Aphrodite breast forms are self-adhering breast forms made from Lifelike silicone skin which creates very realistic breast forms to touch and feel. These breast forms packs in a lot of features and stands apart from others on the market today because of their unique & innovative design and manufacturing process which is handcrafted by skilled artisans. 

divine collection aphrodite breast forms

Model is wearing Medium Aphrodite breast forms with rose nipples & vanilla skin

These breast forms are made from solid silicone and the no-membrane skin feature means the Aphrodite breast forms cannot burst, making Aphrodite breasts the only silicone breast forms that are safe to sleep in. 

With Aphrodite Breast Forms starting at $479.95 a pair, they are quite expensive compared to other breast forms that are out there. Are these breast forms the best in the market? Is this the right model for you? Should you consider buying them? Read our full review below to find out.


The Aphrodite Breast Forms come in lovely packaging which includes a beautiful storage box and a Care Kit. At first glance, we were quite impressed with how realistic it was to touch and feel. The shape of the breast forms looks fairly natural and overall the breast forms do look and feel quite realistic.

Aphrodite Breast Forms

The breast forms have a matte finish and their Unique “no-membrane” skin in our opinion does look & feel more like real skin. The nipple and areola are quite detailed and realistic looking than any other breast forms that are available in the market. They are a slightly puckered style which provides a nice feel and stands out while wearing tight dresses or going braless.

The Aphrodite forms have a self-adhesive backing which is quite unique and innovative. Regarding the shape, the breast forms are asymmetrical and add fullness towards the underarm which also helps in making shoulders appear smaller. The shape dip down somewhat along the bottom edge and creates a more natural shape.

They’re fairly firm and so comfortable to wear, significantly more so than the $50-100 breast forms you can find. That being said, these breast forms attach smoothly to the body and they do bounce and jiggle fairly realistically. The detailing on breast forms definitely showcases a very high-quality product.


The appearance of the skin and the shape of the breast forms is quite remarkable. The nipple and the areola area are made extremely realistic. The big selling point of these breast forms is their  life-like appearance compared to the more standard gel silicone forms.

Aphrodite forms

The Aphrodite forms are asymmetrical in shape and has a distinct left and right breast form where the outer edge is longer and blends towards the underarm. Rather than being concave, the Aphrodite is contoured which gives a very pleasing fit and appearance and is quite realistically proportioned.

These breast forms have a slightly concave backside, so they also seem to have a better fit. Currently, the Aphrodite Breast Forms are available in 6 different sizes (from extra small to XXX Large), 3 skin tones (vanilla, caramel, and chocolate), and 5 nipple colors.


These breast forms have a very realistic touch/feel than the more traditional plastic skinned breast forms that are out there.  Traditional forms have a plastic touch  which feels very artificial but Aphrodite breast forms feel quite soft & firm to touch.

Another amazing feature about these breast forms is that it warms to the body temperature for the most natural experience. After wearing them for a while, they match the body temperature and feel like a part of the body itself.

To the touch, the surface of Aphrodite breast forms feels closer to real skin. The forms resist and hold their pushed-in shape for just a fraction of a second before returning to shape.  Aphrodite breast forms spread out and adhere much more naturally, creating a much smoother and more natural transition from the body to the form.


The back skin of the Aphrodite breast forms feels sticky – not because of any kind of adhesive, but because of the way the silicone has been cured. The result is that the Aphrodite breast forms cling to the chest, spread out, and feel like they are a part of the body itself. It feels quite comfortable to wear them and even after wearing them for longer hours, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for comfort.

However, they do require a little bit of preparation including anti-perspirant (provided in the box) and the provided wipes can be used to produce a bit more stickiness on the skin. They fit very well and the seams are almost close to invisible.

breast forms

The adhesive built-in to the back for sticking to the skin does however  loses its stickiness after some period of time. But when wearing them with a decent bra or as long as there is some amount of pressure on them, the forms will stay put and will hold up really well for a longer duration quite comfortably.

To remove the breast forms from the body, the forms need to be gently pulled at the edges and lifted up. Any adhesive present needs to be removed with an adhesive remover and the breast forms need to be washed using Divine Collection Breast Form Wash.


Another unique feature about these Breast Forms is the option to go Braless. For going Braless, these breast forms need the addition of a good quality adhesive like the Hollister 7730 Medical Adhesive and 7731 Medical Adhesive Remover for removal.

These silicone breast forms are marked safe to sleep in. Due to the no-membrane coating, there is no chance that they will burst while sleeping. The Aphrodite’s breasts do shift a little when worn while sleeping, so wearing a well fitting bra will make sure they do not slip away.


Overall we think the Aphrodite Breast Forms are definitely one of the finest breast forms to buy. They certainly offer the best value for money given that they are hand-crafted (custom-made products) and offer so many incredible features. If you really are looking for the most realistic breast forms, you should definitely think about getting these fabulous Breast Forms.

We found the Aphrodite Breast Forms to be very realistic silicone breast forms which creates a more natural blend to the form of the breast and offers a wonderful femme experience.

It really does boost confidence as these breast forms enhance the bust area so naturally and also allows the flexibility to wear them with almost any type of outfit including swimsuits & lingerie. They are certainly one of the most comfortable & realistic breast forms that you will ever find to wear for extended periods of time.

+ Natural feeling shape/material/appearance
+ Very comfortable to wear
+ Self adhesive back
+ Innovative design is safe to sleep in
+ Excellent quality and presentation
+ Contoured back
+ Can be customized

Negatives :
– Somewhat expensive
– Adhesive not strong enough to go bra-less for longer period of time
– Semi puckered nipple may not be to everyone’s tastes
– Need effort & extra care

You can purchase the Aphrodite Breast Forms at the following online stores in your region –

North America –

United Kingdom –

Europe –

Australia –

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  2. I have a pair that I got off Amazon and they are self adhesive and I just love the way they have that real feel and they have them starting at $7.99 up to whatever you want to spend, I got my at $25 and I enjoy having to do anything with them on my body so I can’t use any type of super glue on your body just want to let y’all know that and up to the point where you are doing as much as you can with the on 24)7. if you don’t mind if I can enjoy so much for your time in girls clothes and make-up and bra’s and panties for yourself to get to enjoy wearing around with a bra or swimsuit on.xoxo

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