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Amy – CoverGirl of the Week ( December)

crossdresser Amy

Featuring the Gorgeous crossdresser Amy from California, USA as our Covergirl of the Week for December.

Some words by Amy:

“My crossdressing journey was filled with confusion, shame and eventually self acceptance. I live regular life as a pansexual male but have always had the desire to be more feminine in a world where it’s historically frowned upon. Thankfully that’s slowly changing as we find each other online.”.

“I recently came out to my female partner of 14 years and posted notes I used to have that conversation. It’s from my POV and details my journey, if you’re interested it can be found here.”.

“Dressing up is a s*xually charged desire for me, so it goes away if I’m not in the mood. Having it sexually charged means I come in and out of it really fast, so it’s been historically hard to not label it as a strange kink I have to hide from the world. My struggle with that labelling has mostly gone away but still lingers.”. – AMY

Amy’s Social Links:

Photo Gallery:

crossdresser in latex dress

crossdresser in summer dress

beautiful crossdresser in mini dress

boy dressed as girl

sissy crossdresser

male to female transformation

cute crossdresser

boy dressed as girl in prom dress

boy to girl full body transformation

hot crossdresser

male to female transformation

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  1. Sos hermosa!!!!

  2. You are so beautiful, thank you for sharing your pictures.

  3. Amazing! Very hot, you look so like a girl!

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