AMOLUX Magic Silicone Breast Forms Review

AMOLUX Magic Silicone Breast Forms is the first ever adjustable fit silicone breast forms from AMOLUX.  These breast forms feature an air chamber behind a layer of comfortable, textured silicone which can be pumped with desired amount of projection.

When pumped with air, these breast form provide a very realistic sensation of natural breast that even warms up to the body for the most natural experience.

AMOLUX breast forms are made with a lightweight silicone that is 25% lighter than other breast forms, and feels very soft to touch.  These breast forms have a semi-concave back that is adjustable and works well with all chest sizes.

These high quality silicone breast forms comes with non-shiny super-soft realistic finish. They can also be slightly and comfortably adjusted to your chest. They are designed to stay at a specified fullness until they need to be changed.

Features of AMOLUX Magic breast forms:

  • First ever adjustable fit silicone breast forms.
  • Made with high quality light weight silicone.
  • With the AMOLUX Magic Pump, you can easily pump the chamber with the perfect amount of projection that you want and get a customized fit to your body.
  • Warms up to the body for the most natural experience.
  • Can be worn for longer time compared to other breast forms.
  • Works well with all chest sizes.
  • Non-shiny super-soft realistic finish.
  • Easy to fit and easy to wear in a bra.

This breast form does NOT have built-in nipples which is great for girls who are looking for a sleek, subtle look.

If desired, the look can be customized with attachable nipples like the Naughty Nipples for an erect look or the Divine Nipples for the ultimate in realism!

Best type of bras to wear: Underwire, soft cup, bandeau, unlined, M-frame

What’s included with AMOLUX Magic breast forms:

  • Two AMOLUX Magic Pumps for customizing the fit of your breast forms.
  • Two beautiful fabric storage cases to keep your breast forms safe.
  • One year manufacturers’ warranty against defects.
  • FREE ground shipping for orders over $100 in USA & Canada

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