Allison Catalina

Allison Catalina
Femme name:  Allison Catalina

Location: Chicago

How long you have been crossdressing: Dressing for 10 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: My experience has been bittersweet, I love that I am able to express this side of me but coming from a traditional family they do not fully understand and may not be accepting, so I mainly dress in private and keep this side of me from family/friends. I hope to one day be open about it and be able to freely dress in the open.

Reason you crossdress: I crossdress as a form of expression and to a certain extent escapism. I am perfectly happy with my life as a straight male and have no desire to transition nor do I consider myself trans. I am just a part time female who loves femme fashion, especially heels!

Things you like doing after dressing up: I love to experiment, in a way I’m still trying to find my niche or “signature style” so I always try new things, different outfits, hair, and makeup. Even though it may take me hours to get ready I believe the end result is worth it.

I love to take pictures to capture the moment to share on my socials and occasionally do go out to bars/clubs. I love meeting likeminded individuals who accept me for who I am. Doing just the simplest things like shopping or walking in the park as a female are some of the best experiences I’ve had while dressed.


Photo Gallery: 

Crossdresser in mini dress and heels

Crossdresser in pantyhose

Crossdresser Allison Catalina

Crossdresser Allison Catalina

Beautiful crossdresser

Allison crossdressing in pink dress

Allison crossdressing in high heels

 Allison Catalina

Crossdresser Allison Catalina

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  1. Hey Allison…just wanted to say you are so gorgeous and I love your outfits. Shoes and toes are always on point. Noticed you haven’t been on Reddit crossdressing in awhile, please come back!! I live for your outfits. You are so beautiful and are an inspiration to all of us gurls.

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